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R.IP Kitty

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Hi im new to TheCatSite.com so i dont know if this the correct forum section to post this in. Well anyway, here we go.

My cat had two black kittens, a boy and a girl. At once it was eating ok and drinking fine but a few days ago we realized that the girl kitten had gone skinnier and its bones were showing, it had fleas in which we were treating it by buying it flea killer, the flea killer did NOT work, we then took it to the vets near us and they said all the fleas on the kitten was sucking all the blood out of the kitten and draining the energy as well as the blood. They took the kitten in for 24hrs and tried recovering it but the next day, the rang us up saying it has passed away in the morning of 1st October .
We still have the boy kitten which is going to the same condition as the girl one did. Im feeding it Whiskers milk, and proper good kitten food.
Can anyone please give me more information on helping the kitten survive! - the vet told us to keep the baby boy kitten away from its mum because she easly catches fleas.

R.I.P Girl Kitty
5th August 2008 - 1st October 2008

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My Meeko had severe anemia and almost died from it.
Fleas do suck the blood out of them.
Meekos sister died from fleas.
Flea killer isnt safe on kittens and can kill them also.
I am sorry she died.
My meeko was 1 pound at 3 months old amd was all skin and bones.
She is now 8 years old and is fine.
I hope the boy will make it.
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I am so sorry. Please call the vet back and ask them the correct flea treatment for the mum cat and the remaining kitten. Treat them right away. How old is the kitten. If it is very young ask about treating the mum cat. Get a flea comb and a cup of water with a tiny amount of soap in the water. Comb the kitten and dip the comb in the water so the fleas will fall off comb and drown in water.

You can bath the kitten in water to drown the fleas. We use a drop or two of Dawn dish soap in the water and rinse kitten well. Wrap in a towel to dry.
Comb kitten several times a day.
Wash bedding daily.
If indoors, vacuum daily and throw away the bag with the fleas. You can cut up a flea collar and keep in the vacuum to kill fleas, but do NOT use flea collar on mum or kitten.
If outdoors, ask the vet what you can use to treat the area that is safe for animals/kittens.

Do this as soon as possible and maybe you can turn this around to save the kitten. Good luck.
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I'm so sorry for your little girl Lots of healthy coming for the little boy. Is your vet not giving you any information on how to help the kitten?

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