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Fluffy let me clip all of her claws!

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She got alot of treats for being such a good girl...I was sitting on the couch, and just propped her up facing away from me, like she ws sitting up, she just sat there the entire time as I clipped away!..Now I went over to Rocky and tried, but he just kept pulling his paws away from me, and then darted out like lightening, and then stopped and sat down to give me a dirty look, and took off again...last time at the vets office they h ad to muzzle him just to clip them...he just absolutely hates it!
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I can not do mine,they hate it!
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Good for you! If only Ophelia would be as compliant as Fluffy.
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I wish Spike was like that too. I need my mother's help to hold onto him, and he still puts up a fight. I can't count the amount of times he bopped me in the head. (without his claws extended) He's cute when he's putting up the fight, but it would be so much easier if he'd just give in!
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All 7 of mine get clipped 2 times a month and in between if needed!!!NO IFS ANDS OR BUTTS ABOUT IT!!!!!!! We start when they are little and I guess they just learn it's something to be done. A couple will bite us, but we take a deep breath and if they still fight let'em go ........for awhile.

It's not a choice in our house.
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Gary holds 'em and I clip 'em! The only complainer left is Shelly. I used to do them while the cats were asleep... but Shelly always woke up as soon as I touched his paws, LOL. Amazingly, Laz and Spooky still sleep through it... but if they wake up before I finish, if they sit on Gary's lap and he holds them, we can get them all finished up real quick.

But now.... we always start with Shelly. If we can get him done, then it's safe to clip everybody else's claws. We like an even playing field!

We do it every two weeks, too. My understanding is the longer you let it go, the longer the quick grows (the part with the blood in it), and they can wind up with real long claws even though you clip them.

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Ooops! I forgot to say congrats! It really does feel like quite an accomplishment.... and it is!!!!!!!!!!

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