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Question of the Day - October 2nd!!

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Is your town famous for anything?

Ours is famous only for the casinos
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Football, the nightlife and shops Well, not for football anyway
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Horse Racing University of KY
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
University of KY
Oh universities as well. We have 2 huge ones in town
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Not where i live now... but "Dawn of the Dead" was filmed in my hometown. It was fun to watch lol.
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Hmmm.....NYC.....famous for alot of things, but if I had to choose one thing, I think I'd say theatre. BROADWAY, BABY!!!
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Mé a wonderful mixture of colonial city and cosmopolitan destination.....maybe my state is more famous than my city.... why My state? because is the Mayan Cradle!...
Visit here:...
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I don't think my city is really "famous" for anything. Warsaw is the Orthopedic capital of the world. It is also the city that the documentary film American Teen (which came out a few months ago in theaters) was filmed in. Warsaw also contains the largest manufacturer of projector screens in the world and one of the largest printing presses in the world.

We also have 92 lakes in my county! So we have the most lakes in the state of Indiana.

I don't know if there are really any famous people from here, though!
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The space shuttle.
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Our county seat was where "Lincoln learned the law". He would walk from his home in the next county east and borrow law books from a lawyer.

The other major town is famous for having been captured during the Civil War. The populace surrendered when they looked across the river and spied several large cannons. When they townsfolk saw the cannon seemingly abandoned, they rowed across and discovered the "cannon" were actually stovepipe and wagon wheel constructs.
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The song "Tillsonburg" by Stompin' Tom.
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We were during the civil war, but nothing now!
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Not so much. Nearby Charleston is though.
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Michael Phelps

Going to the parade at Fort McHenry for him this Saturday!
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Queen Elizabeth comes to Victoria sometimes and stays at the Empress Hotel, does that count?
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Memphis is famous for a lot of things- Elvis, Beale Street, Graceland, Sun Studios, Ardent Records, The Lorraine Motel (And the National Civil Rights Museum), The Peabody Hotel (and the Peabody ducks), Rock n' Roll, Memphis Zoo, St. Jude, Shelby Farms, The Pink Palace, BBQ, Rendezvous, Memphis in May Music Fest, The New Daisy Theatre (probably one of my favorite spots on Beale Street!), The Bigfoot Lodge (all true Memphis know about this awesome resturant) Ruby Wilson (LOVE HER!!!!),BBQ Fest, Blues, you name it! Lots of great things to be had here!

(and depending on the part of Memphis you're in unfortunately...crime)
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I had to google it!

Swansea gained national attention in 1985 when Mark Hoyle, a young hemophiliac who had contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion, was allowed to attend public schools. It was the first time in the U.S. that a student known to have the disease was allowed to enter public schools.[2] The case came to national attention around the same time as that of Ryan White in Indiana, and helped many young HIV-positive children attend schools throughout the country. Hoyle died one year later, and a new elementary school was named in his honor.
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Home of Notre Dame The Fighting Irish (college football team)
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Well I live a couple of miles from an unincorporated community that has an interesting name; Freedom!

Other than that the other city I spend time in has this well known football team called the Green Bay Packers??
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My city was the first capital of NY. I live within walking distance of the first Senate house and lots of historical stuff (great for a history buff like me!)

The first town I lived in hosted Woodstock '94!
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The most famous thing about where I live is that it is the hometown of hockey legion Bobby Orr...And yes most kids who live here learn how to skate before they can walk.and hockey is taken VERY seriously...
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My town is famous for nothing...i live about 45 minutes from detroit though.. with its fame for the american car industry....even though i like foreign cars better..
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Um....we're a ton of 2,000. Nope
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Not the town I'm living in now, but the town where I was born & raised is known for Oshkosh B'Gosh bib overalls.

Oh yeah - and Oshkosh Truck, too.
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I don't live in a town or city, but the village closest to me is famous for pancakes and maple syrup in the spring
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