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Daily Thread Thurs Oct 2nd!

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Morning the lovelies

Well only up to 10 degrees today I am skeeered of winter.

I can't believe how fast the days are flying by..and I have a feeling its due to the wedding planning...which I have little or no money for so its kind of on hold. Our guests might be sittin on cardboard eating pizza

Laundry night tonight and I get to pick Josh up from school.. I haven't seen him in 2 days!!

Have a good day everyone!
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I'm off to the research job today. I work a full day there which is nice, because I'm already tired of travelling between 2 hospitals to get in a 7.75 hour day between 7:30am and 4:15pm.

I have to do some laundry tonight too when I get home. Undies, a couple of uniform tops, and a couple of towels. I didn't get a chance to do as much laundry on the weekend because I was low on laundry soap and I couldn't get to the store to shop until yesterday.

I also need to go down to my storage locker and dig out my Maternity book from nursing school. I need to refresh my memory on some stuff.

Then an early night to bed!
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Well its overcast and currently 44F (7C) with temps rising about 10 degrees F for the day.
Chance of frost tonite and tomorrow night so I have to group my containers and cover and cover my basil.

I harvested the last of the onions and potatoes I have three bushels of potatoes in total which is a hugh amount!! I picked about 10 more pounds of tomatoes which will be the last of them for the season.

Off shortly to clients basically postponing work as I have a very stiff/sore lower back (upper butt area!!) on my right side. I'm thinking this is from Monday when my foot slid on breadcrumbs at work and I was twisted in that direction. I need to stretch out!!

Cats are all in except Grizzlie might want to go out for a few minutes.

Finished one knit scarf for animal rescue fundraiser and working one another.

Thats all for today-have a good one....................
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Morning All!!!

Cool and cloudy here looks like we are in for more rain.

Heading off to work shortly, hope to be done by 4. Afterwards just dropping off some library books and stopping by the drugstore to pick up a couple of things..

Nothing interesting planned for this evening, just some puttering around the house I guess..I have lots of chores I could do but whether I want to is the question.

The kitties are good this morning..Linus is window watching and Pixes and Sassy are playing together which is very unusual, but cute..

Everyone have a great day
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I'm sad today because my little Zebra Finch called Pip has gone to the RB.

On a happier note, my friend's guinea pigs have given birth today. She's gone from 6 guineas to 14 overnight!

Not been up to much today, just college, then went and said bye to Pip And that's it.

See Yaaazzzz!
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