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well, dh's dad is in the hospital now...he had been having seizures a couple nights ago, and he also chose to have no life support whatsoever....dh is really having a hard time with it....he still choses not to go see his dad, and I totally support his decision, but he said to me last night that he felt like he needed some counseling to help him deal with this.....I am looking into this sometime today..just thought I would share with you all what is going on and I haven't been posting nearly as much as usual....I love my dh very much and it is hard seeing him this way...
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I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers and am sending good vibes to you and dh.
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I am so sorry to hear about his dad...prayers going up. I am being really ignorant here, but what does dh stand for? I assume this is your husband or s/o ? I hope everything will be okay. Keep us posted!!! My thoughts are with you both.
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Debby, I believe it is Dear Husband. I could be wrong though.

Kathy, you and your hubby are in my thoughts.
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yes it is for dear husband
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Kathy, I'm so sorry! You, your hubby and his dad are in my prayers.

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You, your hubby and his father are in my prayers!
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Oh I'm happy that your hubby sees that he does need some help in sorting out this matter. It would be a shame if his Dad passed without some kind of reconciliation. For your hubby's sake. Regret is a hard thing to live with.
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