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Are they Maine Coon Cats?

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Well our two cats are brothers from the same litter, and up til we visited the vet this year we just assumed they were Persian crosses as the mum was a tortoiseshell shorthair we thought the dad must've been a persian as they have got so big and have long fur. But then we went to the vet this year and she was American and reckoned they could have Maine Coon in them and she showed us on the chart and they looked like them more than a Persian. Funny thing is though we live in New Zealand and i don't know of any Maine Coons around especially in our area. Also the fact that my cat (who is just a bit overweight the vet says) is 7.6kg and huge feet, and the other cat is 5.6kg and he is slim according to the vet and he also has big feet they don't have much resemblance to a Persian. By the way both cats are 7 years old so fully grown, both males, and will be 8 next January. They're not great pictures as it's night time. So what do you guys think? We don't have papers we're just looking for an educated guess out of curiosity. Thanks
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If these aren't loading just say
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sorry about the below
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I doubt they'd have MC in them, they are not as common in NZ or Aust so there's much less chance of having them in the background. Of course with unknown parentage, anything is possible really.

They are both beautiful domestic long hairs
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thanks yea we didn't think they were as we had never heard of the breed lol yea thanks they are cute and the grey one loves his stomach being rubbed like a dog he's also a bit slow his brother seems to catch onto things quicker
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Not Maine Coons. But some nice LH domestics. I would say more Persian in the background (shorter tail, not a shaggy coat, ears rounded are more of a Persian then a Maine Coon).
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