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Tuesday DT"S

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Good Morning!It's raining here ,not much going on today.just housework.Ick!What are you going to do today?
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Work, and work, and more work, but before work I have housework which is actually still WORK if you think about it. So yup, I have nothing but work all day.
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I'm in the middle of a cat romp. Rowdy and Buddy are tussling over a box. The patio isn't safe, either - the dogs are feeling their oats, too. I've had to put the chairs back in place, several times, this morning.

Last night, I couldn't get to sleep and got up for a while. When I DID get to bed, I found a large, hairy fellow sprawled in my spot, with his head on my pillow! I think that Buddy is fully assimilated into the household.

Its already 70 and its not quite 8:00. Drat! It looks like its going to be another nice day!
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Same old work just like every day. I am leaving in less than an hour though because I have another follow up doctor's appointment for my breast augmentation at 1:45. I've had 3 appointments so far and I still have two more. One for a 3 month follow up and then a year follow up appt.

Its a little bit on the chilly side here. I have to call around and schedule someone to come and replace our central air unit. Thats going to set us back about $1,000. Oh well, its life I guess.

Homework is also in my schedule today. I'm behind, so I'm going to try and catch up by watching the videos that go along with the last 3 chapters I read.

Have a good day everyone! :daisy:
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I'm so glad it my day off from work...but I'm not looking forward to what is in store for me. First I've got to CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! I'm just not in the mood to do that today! Plus, I'll be talking to my BF about our relationship...thats gonna be the worst, but I'll make it! Wish me luck today!

Hope everyone has a great Tueday!!!
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scrape paint off the floor in the cat room. We have repainted the walls a washable green semi gloss. The problem is the children decided to help. The 4 year old managed to paint his feet and the door knobs, the 13 year old decided to paint with his hands, I don't know why, so, of course the 4 year old wanted to also. Luckly the floor is tile and most of it should come up easily!
Wish me luck!
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You know life is said to only throw s%&t your way u can handle. Well, I'm sick of being strong, not that this is a huge problem, it's just the straw that broke the camals back. I found out that I'm not getting finacial aid for summer courses, which means I'll be in school longer.
I was excited about the 4 classes this summer, I already registered and bought books. Huh, you know!

Life will go on, but will I make it through being so stupid????

And it's rained cat's'n'dogs all day, bucketsfull!!!!!
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Aw, 55Dali, I'm so sorry about the bad news. Sending some positive thoughts your way...

Teresa - I'm wishing you LOTS of luck - but I'm sorry, I had to laugh at your "help." !!

Shell -

Sarah, I really hope everything's going well. When are we going to get those bikini pics?

Cindy - we finally have some nice weather too!

Cassandra - don't overdo it!

Sherral - April showers bring May flowers!

GARY AND I BOUGHT A NEW CAR TODAY!!!! Our Saab, which is a 1988 with 265,000 miles on it (and so many memories!!!) finally died its last death. It was SO HARD to make the decision to get a new car instead of repairing Saabi... but we finally made the plunge. We did get a new Saab despite all the problems we had with the old one... but they really gave us the best deal. We don't have the best credit rating in the world, and since we've given that dealership so much business and they know us, it was really the only place that was willing to work with us despite the problems... The toyota dealership wanted $8,000 down and to charge a 15.9% interest rate - for an $18,000 used car!!!!!!!!!!!! So we weren't left with much of a choice, becuase we can't afford to put that much down NOR can we afford that kind of interest rate.

We're right in the middle of the busiest time we have at work... and the timing couldn't have been worse... but they really made it easy, and I thank God.
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