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Question about behavior

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I haven't been here in almost a year. It was to hard once I lost Storm to come often, then I just stopped. So none of you probably remember me.

One of Storm's kittens (They're turning 3 March 6th), Midnight has always been very...clingy to me. If I'm away at work or school or a friends. If she thinks I'm supposed to be home NOW, she starts crying and crying (well meowing). My mom said she'll usually do this until I get home.

Also, the last few months, at least that's when I noticed it. She started doing high pitch meows as soon as she realizes I've left the room. If I go into the kitchen to long, or if I go upstairs to go to the bathroom or my room. Anywhere. Her...anxiety bothers me. I get all nervous and have to go back to her. How cats can freak out if where scared or nervous or sad, excited est. I'm the same way with cats. I can feel what they're feeling and I feel the same way. I realized this when I started working as a vet assistant. I also learned how to calm myself down so that I don't "feel" it anymore, which usually helps me calm down the cats. Its why the Vet gets me to deal with the "bad" cats with him.

Anyways. I was wondering, does anyone know what I can do to calm Midnight down when I'm not there? I can't seem to until I'm actually with her, then she just goes back to bed. I don't no why she does this. Unless she thinks I'm going to disappear like Storm did . The boys (Lightning and Lucky) will follow me around the house, but they don't cry. When I get home from where ever I was, they join Midnight in running to the door and following me till they get there pets and hugs.

Any ideas?
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Have you tried anything like Feliway diffusers, or perhaps Rescue Remedy?
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I can't use the Feliway diffusers, or the spray...they give me a migraine.

I haven't tried any Rescue Remedy. I don't know much about them. But would that help her calm down when I'm not in the same room as her?
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I honestly don't know if the Rescue Remedy will work, but it might be worth a shot.
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One of my female cats is like that, not quite as bad but bad. She was extremely upset when her Mama pushed her away from her and I had to separate them because mama did not want anything to do with her kittens anymore, the kittens were about 3 1/2 months old when mama called it quits with them. The other three took it a lot better but Lulu is devastated. Ever since then she wants me near her and climbs on me when I'm home. The best thing I can do is I put a blanket that has my scent by her. It seems to help a little. I wish I could offer more suggestions. Good luck.
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How did she do with Storm? Was she fully weaned from her?

I'm a firm believer in distracting cats from what bothers/upsets them. I call it "changing the subject." If you find something more interesting than you maybe you can "wean" her onto it like a super cool toy she'd only get when you were gone. You'd have to work in short doses at first by getting her to play with the toy and once she was absorbed leave the room for a bit and build up. I've no idea if that will really work but at least it's not meds which are another option.
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Thanks aswient, I'll see if that helps. But really, I don't think so She sleeps on my bed, or the couch where I sit...or the chair beside the computer table...all have my sent on it.

A short story about Storm and the "kittens". When they were born, about 7:40am to 12ishpm. I sat with Storm when she started her contractions at 7am until all the kittens were born, then I went to the bathroom and went right back to them. That night after a vet appt (I thought she might have had one more kitten as she was still contracting, she didn't) I thought I'd go on the computer for a bit. HA. Storm wouldn't let me leave her or the kittens. She came down stairs after 10 minutes and meowed...and meowed...and meowed at me to go back up stairs...20 minutes of this and I finally went with her. She wouldn't go back to her babies until I came. So I pretty much stayed with her and the kittens for the first 1 or so almost non stop.

Storm was a VERY good mama, and was still letting them nurse a bit at 4-5 months, though not for long and she would push them away. The Doc said that it was fine, and when she had enough would push them off. After the boys were neutered at 5 months the mike stopped. Then 2 weeks after the boys were neutered , Storm passed away.

They all looked for her, but after awhile they were fine. I was more devastated about her passing then they were (I stopped eating, just couldn't eat, and then passed out after 3 days...wasn't good). I think that cuz I was with them so early, and pretty much as much as Storm was, they think of me as there "other Mother"...its what my mom says anyways.

Midnight only lets me pick her up. Only kisses me...Only sleeps with me. She lets others pet her and loves it...but you can tell that I'm the person she wants around, and she's never to far away from me. Always looks for me if I'm away and as I type this she's sitting on the computer desk looking at me.

Distracting her doesn't really work, my moms tried it while I'm away. I'll try the toy idea while I'm home, see if it helps. I sure hope so. I don't like her being so nervous, but I don't want to give her drugs

Thanks so much for reading and giving me ideas

Edited for a stupid spelling mistake...if you notice anything else weird, its cuz its 3am and I just finished cleaning my room top to bottom
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