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I got accused of being a bad pet owner!

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Today I was in the grocery store picking up some snacks for a girls night (ANTM!) when one of the girls called me while I was in line. She knows Cello my siamese quite well and i told her that "cello might be impossibly annoying tonight, I haven't taken him out for a walk in almost a week because I've been away and it's been raining since I got home" to which the lady in line behind me interjected and said "excuse me, but if you have a pet it is your responsibility to make sure it gets outside! even in the rain" to which I said "cello is my siamese cat....... he would be the first to tell you siamese melt in the rain"

I went back to my conversation and before I checked out she said......

"you walk your cat?"

All in all it was pretty funny, and quite honestly I might have done the same thing if I thought someone wasn't walking their dog!
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That's funny!
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What a hoot!
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Some people need to eaves drop better
Jess x
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I would have loved to be listening to that exchange!
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In her defense, at least the lady spoke up with a decent opinion (assuming you had been talking about a dog. )
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Too funny
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I was thinking that the lady in line with you might as well have been another member! Good on her for speaking up though.

That's a great story!
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that is too funny
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Try living here, I've had people threaten to report me to the RSPCA and the police for keeping my cats indoor only Not that they would be interested, but I am now fairly used to being told I am cruel and not based on a misunderstood conversation (other peoples' lack of understanding doesn't hurt any less as time goes on though).
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that is too funny!
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That's funny, and I applaud that lady for standing up for animals, even if she didn't quite know what she thought she knew!
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I love it!

We took Nero to the vet with him on his harness & leash last Sunday, and the reactions were pretty funny ... "a cat on a leash!??!"
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That is hilarious!!!! I bet poor little cello would love to be dragged out in the pouring rain, That is so funny, I wish I had been there, I would not have ben able to hide my amusement!
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that's hilarious!!!!! Oh my goodness!
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i would have told her to mind her own the most respectful way of course
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