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Persians in Kill Shelter

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Where: Escambia County Animal Shelter, Pensacola Florida

What: 50-60 Persians from kittens to adults.

Why: Hoarder/Breeder busted in county

I've been told these cats/kittens are absolutely gorgeous! Some of them have slight upper respitory which the shelter will deem as unadoptable and they will be killed.

You can only pull from this shelter if you are a legitimate rescue. If interested PLEASE call Phyllis at the shelter at 850-595-3075.

Please pass this on!

Thank You!
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Oh my! I'm sending prayers and vibes for all of those cats...what a terrible situation. Keep us updated if you get any news on their situation, okay??
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Originally Posted by itibitikitimom View Post

Why: Hoarder/Breeder busted in county
This is one of the worst reason why cats ended up in shelters. Since they are purebred Persians, must be from a kitty mill.
Lots of and prayers to them and hopefully, they can be rescued out soonest possible.
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I have received this info from a rescue group.........
You can PM me for contact info ....

This situation is NOT desperate. We are taking 25 of the cats and kittens and are working with another rescue to take most of the rest. Food is also be provided to help in the meantime and there is an effort to get groomers to go in to help shave cats down. We have been involved since the cats arrived there.

We have offered to screen any other rescues that might take cats. Please refer them to us.
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Has this been posted to the persian rescue list? Lots of help comes from there.
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