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Anyone else with a VERY possessive kitty?

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I have 2 American Wirehair cats, who are full siblings but from 2 different litters. Sheba is 2 1/2 and I've had her almost 2 years. Her brother, Ziggy, is 1 1/2 and I've had him almost a year.

I would consider them both bonded to me, but Sheba doesn't show it as openly as she is a bit aloof. Ziggy, OTOH, makes no bones about it--I'm his MAMA. He's slept ON me almost every night since he moved in where Sheba sometimes sleeps on the bed, but usually on the end, away from people.

I noticed a couple of months ago that Ziggy gets a little upset if he jumps up on the bed to sleep and finds Sheba settled in--albeit on the opposite side of the bed. He will begin wrestling with her and irritate her to the point she will leave. I usually step in and separate them and attempt to get them both settled, and that works about 50% of the time.

It's Sheba's long term routine to run upstairs to me in the morning when she hears me stirring and ask for a drink from the sink. This morning she was attempting to come up the stairs and Ziggy blocked her. She made it past him and then he chased her down and tackled her, and caused an awful racket. She retreated down the stairs and then he STOOD GUARD at the top of the stairs and prevented her from coming back up to me. I will add that a few minutes later (once I came downstairs), they were sharing the cat tree and right now they are happily exploring together in the backyard.

Anyone else ever have such a possessive cat? Is this something to be concerned about? Anything I need to do to diffuse the rivalry? I do give all my cats all the love they ask for, so I'm certainly not favoring one over the other. I just want them all to get along without the drama, if possible.


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I have the same problem with my two. One male (Brandon) and one female (Kabou). Both are around 3 years old. Brandon harrasses Kabou just as you described. I'll be interested in seeing what others have to suggest.

I've also felt the need to break it up when things get too rough. I've suspected it is a dominance issue, but maybe not.
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Yes, I, too believe it's a dominance thing. I have another male (dsh) who is definitely the alpha, but he is pretty much a slug who lies on his bed 24/7 and really doesn't get involved in the drama as he just has to kind of "show up with 'tude" and the other two scram. I think some of this might be Ziggy "feeling his adolescence" as he is that age.

Can't they all get along??? LOL

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Bijou and Mika are like that. It's obvious Bijou is the alpha cat. He'll chase Mika and pin her down, she does her version of a yell, he lets her up and she runs. Then when he settles down she will sneak up on him and leap at him. A bit later they'll be curled up together sleeping.

I don't know if you are familiar with the Pink Panther movies, but we refer to them as Cato and Clousseau with Mika being Cato.
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same here. 2 cats, 1 is bonded to my wife, follows her like a dog around the house. if you see one ,the other is right behind, bug will wait for my wife
on the tub, in between the two shower curtains, and sleep in the sink when she is getting ready for work. he sleeps on her shoulder.
the other calco is my bud, if i pet bug, calco will jump up and run over and get inbetween us, they fight and we brake it up. then they will sleep on top of each other.
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I have a problem with Oreo Cookie. She is very possessive of her toys and food. She will growl and hiss at the other cats and smacks her half sister Sasha. She did try to buy Coco my old cat out of the dish but it didnt work with her.
Coco and Meeko have always been the boss cats but it looks like Oreo is the new boss.
Coco still is even though she is 16.5.
Meeko is Sashas half sister.
Sasha is Oreos half sister.
Meeko and Sashas Mom is Oreos mothers Mom.
I got them from the same place.
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Flower have clamed me as hers. Figaro think's I am his, but if he sleeps on me or I pet him to much she gets really bent out of shape and throws a fit. If I leave the room Flower follows me. The only time she is out of amrs reach of me is when she is playing, but even then she does not stray too far. She even gets in the tub with me when I take a bath
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My cats have mostly been single kitties. Pandi was a super possessive girl over me with other people! Boyfriends, forget it! She would be in their face, not moving hissing, or jump up on me and hiss at who ever was next to me! If she was sleeping on a chair or the bed, someone other then me walked in, she would just hiss at them! Miss her! RIP Pandi.....
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