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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, October 1st!

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Good morning! Here's today's question of the day.

When you are getting ready for work or school in the morning, do you prefer to listen to the news, listen to music, or just get ready in quiet?

I usually listen to the radio. I like the music, but I also get a quick update on local news and weather. If the weather is supposed to be yucky, I'll often turn on my NOAA weather radio to learn about snow storms or any other hazardous weather conditions.
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I listen to the news and get the weather for the day.
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I watch breakfast t.v. for the news and weather
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usually listen the news.... not always I have the time to read the newspaper......
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Music- Always!!!!
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I usually listen to the news getting ready then listen to music on the way.
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I listen to nothing since I'm much too tired to put on anything else in the morning.
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Well I don't work, but when I'm getting ready I usually have the TV on in the bedroom, the bathroom is attached to the bedroom. I need noise in the house all the time until bedtime
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Complete and udder silence. IF my room mate bothers me...he KNOWS what will happen... because im not a very happy person in the morning....
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I usually just like it quiet.
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I used to listen to CBC Radio 2, before they eviscerated it. Tom Allen is great, and while his programme still had largely classical music, it was a wonderful way to wake up and get going. Since the beginning of September, the content has changed and it's mostly loud lowest common denominator c**p, with a constant banging rhythm track, and it makes me very angry very fast, so not a good way to start the day. Radio 1 doesn't provide much in the way of music but the talk is worth listening to, news, weather and traffic are good, so that's where I start my day now.
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Quiet... Can't wake up my roomie!
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I do not work now because I can find a job here.
I listen to the Radio and the news comes on every half hour until 8:30.
The rst of the time it is music.
I also check the weather.
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I listen to the news unless my daughter gets the tv first and she watches some kid program.
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Wow, the timing of this question is kinda spooky!

Up until last night, my answer would have been "definitely quiet, I can't stand the rabble in the morning!" But last night, I set up a second alarm clock to go off when I need to take my temperature, and this one just happens to have a radio alarm... So I started thinking, "Hmm... Maybe music in the mornings would be a good thing" and was just going to talk to hubby about it tonight!! Creepy... Are you reading my mind??

So we'll see what he thinks of it. If he says to try it in the mornings, I'll try it, but may instantly go back to hating dealing with that stuff in the early AM!
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I like quiet.

Our ten-year-old daughter, however, is a morning person. She likes to come chatter with me and dance around the kitchen while I'm trying to think what to cook for breakfast and make everyone's lunches. I told her this morning she's sort of like having a yappy little dog circling my ankles and she thought that was pretty funny.

I'm NOT a morning person!
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Originally Posted by DawnofSierra View Post
I usually listen to the news getting ready then listen to music on the way.
This is me, too and like Helen, I always have noise in the house, always. (and lights)
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We usually get ready in quiet in the morning. The most noise is us talking to each other or the kitties. Then Rob pops on the computer in the morning while i make lunch and give Nero his Clavamox.
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I normally get changed for work quietly, as my sister's baby gets woken up easily. Once I'm downstairs I put the t.v on and watch the breakfast news until it's time to leave
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I turn the news on as soon as I get up. I go on the computer, and then watch the news, but mainly for traffic to make sure there's no accidents or other backups on the highway or roads that I take.
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I generally don't have anything when I am getting ready for work. I will listen to the news and weather on the radio before I get up but turn it off as soon as I get up..
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I always listen to news when I'm getting ready in the morning. If I'm at home I listen to the news station on the radio...on the road I listen to CNN on the TV.
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I listen/watch Good Morning Amercia every morning when I'm getting ready for work and then on the ride to work, I listen to the local radio station
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I usually listen to music!
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