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Well.. they announced the lay offs...

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Craig-o wasn't one of the 11 people laid off, but his good friend was laid off I was so happy when I heard he wasn't laid off, and I know I should've felt bad for his two friends that were laid off but I couldn't feel that bad I was too relieved and happy to hear he still had a job.

Now I'm feeling rather guilty though. Those poor people. Craig says they did their job really well and were excellent co-workers and team players. The bad stuff always seems to happen to the good people.
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Gees, I dont know what to say...You dodged the bullet? Im glad that it wasent worse news.
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Don't feel guilty - it's not your fault they were laid off. It's ok to feel sorry for them but no need for you to feel guilty.
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another one opens! Keep the faith, your friends will make it through these tough times.
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I'm so glad Craig wasn't one of the people laid off. It's tough when there is downsizing - there are always good people and friends who are let go.
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to keep in touch with the co-workers that were layed off. Maybe have them over for dinner? I hated losing touch with work friends after we were no longer co-workers. Bad enough losing a job, but, losing friends too sucks!
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I'm so glad to hear Craig was not laid off! I was worried when I saw the title of this thread. I know you feel badly for the ones who were laid off, but I too would be releived he wasn't one of them....you have no reason to feel guilty.
My job has been "iffy" for the past several months...we are hanging on by a thread....the place is in serious danger of closing down, and there are layoffs frequently...I have been there 14 years this summer, and being jobless terrifies me. I don't even remember how to do anything else but what I have been doing for 14 years. It is all I know. If and when the time comes, I hope you will send up prayers for me.
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CHEERS! It's alway super to hear super news!!!!
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You had to leave us hanging, didn't you - naughty girl! I'm soooo glad to hear the good news. I know exactly what you mean though... it's really hard to be happy when friends are going through painful times now.

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I'm sooooo glad for you that Craig wasn't laid off! Don't feel guilty about the other people, it was out of your control. Maybe you could have them over for dinner or something. It's nice of you to be concerned.
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I'm happy to hear Craig wasn't laid off. That's tough that his friends were, though. I understand you feel bad about it, but don't let it get you too down, and just know there wasn't anything you could do.

And Debby, just know when God closes a door...he opens a window. Things will be OK.
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Yuck Debby, hon, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Getting laid off is rough.

Craig informed me that the company gave all of the people who got laid off one month severance. Not that one month is that much, but at least it is SOMETHING. Craig is taking his friends out to lunch sometime this week, unfortunately I can't go because I'll be working, but maybe they'll stop by the restaurant and I can be their server.

We're still not out of the water though. The company has until June to break even or call it quits. That means they have to cut $400,000 dollars a year in costs by June or come up with $400,000 a year more in revenue. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but Craig and coworkers are saying it'll be a miracle if they can pull it off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to have a positive attitude, but I'm really DREADING the month of June.

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I was in this exact situation where mass layoffs occured. I was laid off for one week, but was one of the few that got called back. Although it feels good to get your job back there's still that sadness of knowing a lot of people didn't. To make things worse, the company hired a bunch of new people. These people are no better/worse employees in the same positions. But having signed temporary contracts there is nothing we can do.
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