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My husband has been airlifted because of medical emergency :(

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I don't know whether to cry from worry or hug & hug my little Manx Joey.....my husband has been suffering from intense shortness of breath & intermittent dizziness, headache & extreme fatigue. Turns out he's got some sort of masses either on his heart or his lungs; yesterday he had an irregular heartbeat, topped by fast beats of over 180 plus increasing difficulty breathing and irregular blood pressure.
He's been in hospital since yesterday, and while the heartrate has been slowed , it's still erratic and fluid is now accumlating in the bottom of his chest, so they flew him to Reno (approx. 200 miles away).
About 10 days ago, his regular doctor had already said it was just a bad cold plus hay fevers
But JOEY( ).....Joey, who never leaves my side if possible, turned all his attention to my DH, even sleeping with him on Sunday night. Joey is not close to my DH, so I realized that Joey was predicting with his attentive behavior serious illness (as he does for me and my kids, without fail). I made an appointment with my preferred medical care providers who immediately hospitalized DH and the seriousness of my DH's condition was discovered.
It was hard to see the airplane fly away without me along, but I have to tend the business - as it is, DH had to give up a case with a preliminary examination, so I hope that our client gets as good a result as if my DH had done the case . Maybe if all goes well, I can be on my way to Reno by tomorrow noon - the hospital staffs seemed so puzzled that I wasn't staying close by his side and I'm just hoping he improves, because I do feel guilty, and yet, life goes on and I can't leave our clients out in the lurch and my DH's court cases uncovered
So, if you can spare some vibes....thanks! Susan
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I hope he is feeling better soon
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How scary! Vibes for a speedy recovery!

Thank goodness Dr. Joey was on the case!
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Prayers for him.
I wish I lived closer to you so I could help.
I hope he will be ok.
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Hope he gets better soon
Jess x
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I hope he's feeling better soon!
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Oh man how scary! I hope they can figure it out, and fix it without surgery!

And to you for having to stay home while he's there - that must be hard!
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Ugh, hon....loads of prayers for both of you.....and I know how you feel, its one of the downsides of being self-employed and working together.....even if one of you is down, the show must go on! (((hugs)))
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I don't know what to say, so just sending vibes for you and hubby
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adding tons of for your hubby. it must be a very scary time and your precious joey is being a comfort to you which is lovely.

you're doing the right thing for you and your husband, don't worry about what other people think.
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More coming your way. I hope you can get things wrapped up so you can be with him. Keep us updated.
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Oh My how scary for you Many prayers and vibes for you both
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Sending lots of calming & your way.
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Our kitties are like fuzzy little guardian angels, aren't they? Hope your husband has a full and speedy recovery and I'm sending calming vibes for you.
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Cats are truly amazing. Sending many prayers and vibes your way
Dont worry about what anyone else thinks you have to do what you have to do
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How terrifying.

Sending calming vibes to you and healing vibes to your DH.
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Sending healing vibes to your husband

I am so sorry to hear about this.
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Keeping you and your husband in our prayers Keep us updated.
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Your husband is in my prayers Lots and lots of vibes headed that way!!!
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Tons of vibes for a full recovery and a speedy return home.
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Mega vibes for your husband to recover fully and quickly.
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Lots of healing for your husband
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Prayers and vibes for you and your husband
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Sending many and big kitty head butts and purrs for a speedy recovery.
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vibes for your Hubby and a big for you
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Oh no, Susan! Your husband is most definitely in my prayers.
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Joey knew what to do, didn't he!
sending & that things are better soon...
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Many be-well vibes for your husband, and love to Joey...
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Lots of vibes for you and your hubby!
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Many and prayers going out to your husband. Let us know when you get some news.
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