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this will be my official entry

blue with her devil eyes...

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Originally Posted by GoldyCat View Post
This one, definitely.
Thanks- I'll go with that one !
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Thank you to all that helped me decide which photo of Willow to use. This is the picture that had the most votes and is my official entry of Willow.

Don't you dare touch my whiskers!!!

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I have a feeling it's going to be a Stumpy and Ophelia Rose victory, but here is Delilah's best attempt at being a lion! "ROAR! Get out of my house!" (she's facing the door).

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My final entry, Mr. Underfoot:
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This is Izzy saying, pet me one more time and I will shred you. She is trying to be scary and hissing, but I think she is just too cute to be scary.

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This happened today. It was really funny and I can't believe I caught it on a clear picture.

Full Size is even more funny
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I couldn't get back into the site to post my pic pick! Here it is:

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i'm changing my entry. i think this one is scary!

we believe milo thinks we can't see him when he's in his tent but he can see us. well here is the evidence of his scary x ray vision!

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Here is mine of Rusty... Checking out the contents on the Halloween Bucket.

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I changed my mine since the pic I entered isnt a scary or scaredy cat... Here is my "scary cat" Dusty

"Look into my eyes... You will go to the cupboard and bring me treats!"

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Here is my entry (if it is not too late)

Onyx (one of my ferals) looking very pleased (and kind of scary) after his meal
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Love all the entries, everyone.

Ophelia Rose is definitely one scary cat!! Can't get any more perfect than that!
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Well, majority rules, so I'm going with this pic of Maverick - even though I think Geronimo's pic was scarier.

Thanks for helping me choose one, peeps.

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Thanks for the last minute entries! The contest is now closed. Voting will begin in ~6 days.
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