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For the past couple of days Miles has started scooting. Unfortunately he has chosen my bed as the main place to do it. What are the primary causes for this, just irritation and worms ? If its worms is there anything else that I could look for ? He has been going to the bathroom as usual and eating as usual.
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it could be worms.. or the anal glands..
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I would guess that it could be worms, mine did that. Mine cats a longhair and he is very clean but his bottom wasn't so clean when he had worms and he too would scoot about the floor. Sometimes if you look you can see part or all of worm around bottom hole. I treat mine with drontal for an average sized cat and it cleared it up in a couple of days. I found a worm so I new what is was though. Have you seen anything around that area?
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I vote impacted anal glands. Vet visit either way.
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I haven't noticed anything unusual around the area, and no worms visable in the poo. He did it for a couple of days a month ago and then nothing.

He doesn't travel well, since he doesn't like to be picked up its quite a chore to even get him in the carrier. He's skiddish around other people most of the time so it doesn't go well at the vet either, thats why I was trying to see if there were other signs that I could look for before resorting to that.
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I took Ossi to vet thinking it must be his anal glands (I was pretty sure it was not worms). Turned out it was just good old constipation. Poor boy was trying to eliminate little hard rocks that were stuck in his butt.

We got Laxatone and made him drink some extra, and scooting (the sofa and always demonstratively right in front of me) ended in couple of days.
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frodo gets impacted anal glands occasionally and he usually scoots and licks the area a lot when he is hurting.

i would definitely take your kitty to the vet. frodo is not a fan of going in the carrier or seeing the vet either but it is best to get him checked out if he is not feeling good. i know that frodo will forgive me for bringing him to the vet after he feels better.
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Sorry, but what is an impacted anal gland? Is it common? How does it show to be different from worms? I have never heard of it but would definately like to be aware of it. Thanks
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