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I have a interview tomorrow!

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Many of you know I have been volunteering at the shelter for 18 months and last summer I got hired
(wasn't expecting it thanks to the lady who runs the shelter who is now my boss) temporarily as did another lady because we were the only ones interested in the job.

I still work there, on September 9th they posted the permanent positions. They are basically the same ones..

Animal Shelter Caregiver/Volunteer Coordinator and the other is the same it's just a foster coordinator. What I basically am now is temporary/kennel attendant.

I applied for the volunteer coordinator one and got called for an interview on Thursday of last week. The lady called me at my house of course I was at work so I called her on Friday to schedule the interview.

So it's tomorrow at 4:40 in the afternoon. I am so nervous.
I'm sure I will do fine, but good vibes are definately appreciated.

I just thought I'd share. I'm pretty sure I will get hired, last summer it was just on the spot kinda thing. I don't know when I'll know if I get hired. I think I stand a pretty good chance, the other lady too.

She applied for one of them I am hoping the foster one because I have no expierience in fostering as I do volunteering.
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Congrats! And many good luck coming your way! You don't need them though...
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Lots of headed your way!!
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Lots of positive vibes and surely you will get the permanent job! HOORAY!
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Lots of good luck vibes headed your way!!!! You'll do great!!!
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Can't wait to see how it turns out
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Good luck with the entreview!.....
for you donĀ“t get nervous...
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thanks so much everyone! It went pretty well, I think. It was a 3 person interview - luckily I know all of the people that interviewed me..

My boss, a new lady who runs the animal services & control department and the shelter, and the lady who runs the spay and neuter task force of Montana. They asked me a bunch of questions that I felt I answered well (they ask everyone the same ?'s) ... they'll let me know as soon as they figure out who they're going to hire. there's a lot of people that applied so it could take awhile but I am pretty pleased how it went!

Also, I was shaking really bad in front of the people I know who interviewed me. I think I stand a pretty good chance of getting the job. I will definately keep you all posted!
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