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Help! Asap!

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my dog just ate a pack of gum, will she be ok?
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Is it regular or sugarless gum?
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sugarless -Stride
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If you still have the package, check the label to see if it has Xylitol. That is extremely dangerous to dogs. Your vet should have an emergency number; please call it and let us know what happens.
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I have read that Xylitol that is found in some sugarless gums is NOT good for dogs, does it have that in it? Regardless, I think you should call a vet. An E-vet at this time of night!! Good luck
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i can't even read the package, it's all chewed up
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I just looked up Stride gum it has xylitol in it, please call the vet.
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yeah but.. this is the new one... Stride Colbat sugarfree gum... i just looked up the ingredients, no xylitol
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Sorbitol , Gum Base , Glycerol , Mannitol , Natural and Artificial Flavors , Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate - Less than 2% , Aspartame - Less than 2% , Acesulfame K - Less than 2% , Soy Lecithin - Less than 2% , BHT - to Maintain Freshness - Less than 2% , Blue 1 Lake - Less than 2% , Blue 1 - Less than 2% , Red 40 - Less than 2%

Here are the ingredients in the gum....

ETA - can you at least call the vet? They may have run into this before...
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so then.. if there is no xylitol, she will be ok right?
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I can't tell about Sorbitol from my quick Google searches. I would really call the vet and ask specifically about sorbitol.

Another option is to induce vomiting just to be safe.
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Originally Posted by tortiefan23 View Post
yeah but.. this is the new one... Stride Colbat sugarfree gum... i just looked up the ingredients, no xylitol
Oh okay the one I looked up has it in there, just call for your peace of mind
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well, i think i am going to wait until tomorrow.. the dog seems fine, she's playing and acting normal right now.. it's actually a dog i am sitting for...
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Here is a vet clinic's site that has info about xylitol and dogs.

Worth looking into. I did not know this until recently. The Stride site lists all flavors as containing xylitol.

Hope everything turns out ok.
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For future purposes, I think if there's any concern about a pet potentially ingesting xylitol, all pet owners should consult a vet asap. It's toxic, aka poison, to them, and waiting can cause severe vital organ damages, even death. Waiting a few hours could be a difference between life and death for some because if caught early, the vet would be able to attempt to induce vomit immediately.
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