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Hi. I am in Maine, and foster for a local shelter. Since I owned a kitty that ended up being diabetic, they have asked me to foster kitties that come in with high blood sugars.

I have got two of them into remission and found new homes for them, but I exhausted my contacts and need help finding a home for the newest one.

"Benny" came to me as a male, covered in flea dirt and with a bad shave job for matting , and emaciated (7.5lbs) at the begining of September.

She's now looking much better. She's put on quite a bit of weight (over 8.5 last I weighed her). Yes, she. She's also missing one of her canine teeth.

She was found to be diabetic when she peed on the previous foster parent's bed. She was tested for UTI and it was clean. she is declawed

She is currently on PZI. I am testing her twice a day and doing curves on her every other week. She has had two different periods where her BG is low enough to not require insulin (120 or under) She is on a low carb canned food - which caused her bg to lower about 200 points (she had a preshot bg in the 400s while eating dry food)

She is very sweet. Loves to sit in your lap and purr. Her fur is very soft and fine and now that she's regulated it feels great. She is a bit demanding when it comes to meal time though. (although a lot of people really like that) She was with other cats and dogs in her previous foster home. I have kept her isolated in my home. Because of that I only interact with her for short periods of time.

Because of her fluxuating bgs, her new owner really should home test. I can show you how to do that. I have all her numbers since I've had her. She also should continue a low carb diet. Canned is working well for her.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have about her. Might be fastest if you email me at I will do what I can to get her where ever her new home is supposed to be.
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