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Maine is changing colors!

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This is my first autumn on the east coast, Im from WA where just about every tree is a pine tree. A lot of trees are starting to get some pretty amazing colors, so I thought I'd share!

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Absolutely GORGEOUS!
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beautiful beautiful
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Beautiful! Maine is one place I'd like to visit... been elsewhere in New England, but not there.
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OH!!! I miss it so so much! I was vacationing in Maine back in '06 and had a blast! It's absolutely breath taking. We hiked up Arcadia and had a blast! Thanks for bringing back such sweet memories.
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WOW. Those are so gorgeous!!!! I love fall!!
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Welcome to the northeast! But, I can say we don't have anywhere near the beauty you have up there (WVa is still considered NE, right?). Absolutely gorgeous pics.
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Oh wow! Just divine!
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Gorgeous pictures!!

I'm so jealous I miss living up north, during all seasons! The trees changing in New Jersey weren't as pretty as in Maine, but here in South Carolina, they are green ... then they are dead! No pretty color change!
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