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Question about weaning.....

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Not sure if this post belongs here maybe it's more of a behavior thing but here goes.Our kittens Koko and Precious are about 14-15 weeks old.We took them in when they were about 8 weeks old best guess by our vet.We also took in their mom Momcat who was a frequent visitor for some time.

My question is it normal for them to try and feed from Mom yet?They can't possibly be getting anything and she lets them most of the time til she tires of it and gets up and walks away.We had her fixed last week and had to keep them away from her as we were afraid they would tear her stiches.
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I've had rex queens nurse kittens up to 12 weeks before they finally decided to stop. As long as mom doesn't mind that much and the stitches are not being bothered, let them go. Its a comfort thing. When mom's had enough she will stop the behavior
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Not sure if it is normal but Angel still lets little man nurse and he was born MAY 21!!!! LOL so he is just over 4 mo old! counted the weeks and he is 19 weeks old today! LOL the other day she kept kicking him when he tried but then later I saw him nursing. there are days I will catch him up to 4 different times a day and that is when I SEE it!
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Momcats stitches are pretty well healed now so I guess it's not hurting anything.It just looks strange esp with Koko he was a freakishly big kitten to begin with,now he's almost as big as his mom.I suppose it's like pacifier would be to a toddler.
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Little man was also big to begin with and is really big now! LOL I have some pictures of him on here somewhere nursing when he was about 12 weeks. I just had to kick them off my computer chair to get on and he was nursing! Angel had a c-section and was spayed then they said she could nurse still but may not have milk and they had to bottle feed him at first. well he would have NONE of the bottle when we got home and she had no clue what to do etc. so it was tough. but with in a couple hours she was nursing him and hasn't stopped since. LOL
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Kissa was born April 29th and I still catch her nursing from Zelda(mama)... Zelda does not seem to mind what so ever, even when she was spayed. Whatever works for the cats, I suppose...
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