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What would you call this color?

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I am thinking of possibly keeping one of my foster kittens and I really like the color and attitude of this one so I may keep her. I am just curious what you would call her color if entering her in a HHP cat show? Torbie? Patched tabby and white?
She is a brown ticked tabby with tortie markings and white. I am not sure how much of that you'd list in the color info for a show, I mean brown ticked patched tabby with white sounds weird...

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Depends on the association

I would list her as a Brown Patched Ticked Tabby/White. You'd have the color first, then the tabby type (classic, mackeral, spotted, ticked).

I know its a mouthful , but that's what she is. She is cute - I love the red tabby patch on her head - that should catch the judge's eye
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Thanks! I need to get some better photos I think... With 7 running around it's hard to get a photo of any one kitten!
Another thing I think is really cute is that her mouth is 2 different colors. Several of the kittens (including some that are brown tabby, not torbie) have this... On one side, her lips are black and on the other they're pink!

One other kitten I was thinking of keeping is this one (below), but I haven't decided yet which one if any... I'm not sure if he would do well in HHP shows though, he's a little bit more shy and "average" looking although I think his face markings are adorable.

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The boy is a brown mackeral tabby/white - also cute If her striping is not like his, then its more of a ticked tabby. If you have a better body shot of her, I can tell better.
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I'll try to get a better photo of her, but I'm pretty sure she's a ticked tabby. She has no stripes on her body, just on her face and legs.

Similar body markings to her brother here (except obviously he's not tortie marked like her!):

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Definatly ticked tabby then

Mitten, my first cat was a mackeral tabby/white, but his stripes were not well marked - he really looked more like a blue ticked tabby with faint body markings. I'm betting he could have had aby in the background for the ticked pattern
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Several of the other kittens are heavily "ticked" on the body but have mackerel stripes faintly visible, but those two I posted the photos of don't seem to have any body stripes, just on the legs/head/tail (they do have some spots on their stomachs though...)
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