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Ted the horse needs vibes pleeeease!

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I don't ask for this very often but I need some good old TCS vibes for Ted the horse.

On Saturday morning he was found in the field and he wasn't walking properly. They soon found out he had fractured his leg. He'd broken that same leg years ago before, and it was fixed. But now the owner of the stables said that if the fracture is going up, he would live, if it was going down, he would have to be either put to sleep, or he could never do the work he did before again. (Although it may have been the other way round i can't remember which way round she said) The girl who looks after Ted said it'll kill him, because he has to stay stabled for the rest of his life now.

Please can you guys send some TCS vibes for Ted. he is such a lovely horse and even though he may be 17, he still might have a chance. I know how good those vibes are!

I spoke to one of my friends who has horses and she said if it's fractured that's it, but the owner said she will not let him suffer, but if he isn't in pain she wants somebody to have him and just take him for short walks each day and give him lots of


I'll let you know next week how he is

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Oh no poor Ted ...... sending so many many positive vibes his way
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Oh Bless him Many vibes for Ted
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Sending and Prayers for Ted.
He's such a beautiful boy.
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Prayers for Ted.
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Oh poor Ted! You know he looks quite a bit like a horse I used to look after who was called Ted. He was a huge tank of a horse but I don`t think his nose was so speckled. It would be weird if he was the same one.

It would be very sad if he had to be PTS but some horses just don`t cope with not being worked, especially if they can`t be turned out to let of steam.

We had a horse like that who had recovered from a broken knee and further down the line he pulled a tendon in that leg and he was quite a feisty boy who would have hated to be stabled and not worked. They decided it was kinder to have him PTS. It broke my heart

I hope Ted can be treated, bless him.

Healing vibes for him
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Ted is a very handsome horse.
Sending healing vibes to this sweet boy.
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How's Ted? Did they decide what to do with the old fellow?
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Oh dear!!! Poor Ted!

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Originally Posted by faith's_mom View Post
How's Ted? Did they decide what to do with the old fellow?
You're a few hours infront of us - we don't leave till 2pm and right now it's 10.20am!

I'll let you know asap!


Good news!

Ted has now got his leg in a bright blue plastercast, and it is healing well

The TCS vibes did the trick!
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Yay!!! Hope all continues to go well!
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That's wonderful news.
I hope Ted has many happy years ahead of him
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That is great news!!
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Yay, Ted! Terrific news!
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Im so glad to hear that
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He's putting weight onto it now bless him He should be healed soon

Poor little thing, it's obviously itchy for him too, but he can't reach it!
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