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Generally, I don't ever go to Walmart BUT today I wanted to buy a digitial camara and thought since they are cheapy-cheap I'd go. I was terribly disappointed, not one person knew where to find the one I wanted, so I moved on. I found such a HUGE bargin on a tv with vcr in it. I thought this to would be great, less boxes around, so I bought it. OR so I thought I did, after getting the huge thing home, it's a tv BUT NO vcr in it. Oh, I'm so angry, at myself and that store.

So my point is everytime I go there I have trouble, do you ever have a store like that? A store no matter how, when, for what, you go to and only get upset?.............Why do we do it?.....(a bargin??)
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Try working for them! I've worked for Walmart for almost 10 years and sometimes I wonder why people even shop with us. It only takes a few bad associates to ruin a store for the customers. The only benifit that I have is that my store is the smallest (and the first one ) in Nebraska. The SuperCenters are the ones where the employees could care less. I'm sorry that you have such a crappy store. You should write a complaint to the Store Manager. There should be forms at the Service Desk or even the Layaway Desk. If you don't get any good feed back from the Store Manager...don't be afraid to go above their heads to their boss. Usually that is the only way you can your voice heard! Once again, I'm sorry for the bad experience...not all Walmart stores are that way! At least mine isn't that bad....
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Wow.. sorry about your bad experience at Walmart...

i just got a made-in-Japan digital camera from Radio Shack.. it is pretty good.. Fujifilm i think is the brand??

By the way, i love Salvador Dali, especially "Timepiece" -- have you checked out www.daligallery.com yet?

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at KMart. I worked there years ago and found the employees to be very unfriendly. I was even told by an associate to "shut up" when I was shopping there a couple of years ago. I only go there if I absolutly have to.
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All the K marts closed in my area. May be they told one to many costomers to shut up!
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That truely stinks!! Sam
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I know how you feel - I think we've all had the same experience, though not necessarily at WalMart. Why don't you send an email to their headquarters and complain about the shoddy service?
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I generally don't shop at a place like walmart when I'm looking for a camera or tv and such, anything electronic, other then a phone. At the very least I will go to Best Buy/Circut City...etc and ATTEMPT to find an employee who knows their merchandise.

It was fun trying to buy a computer from Best Buy with this kid trying to sell them to me whom knew dramtically LESS then I did. I wanted to say to him "and which product info card did you memorise all this off of?"

Sometimes if your lucky, you wont find a dud if you will.

About the camera, at the very least, got to a Ritz Camera store if you have them in your area. All their employee's should at least be able to hold a conversation about SOMETHING with you.
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I haven't had too many problems with the Walmart I go to, but I absolutely HATE KMart! I won't go there myself, and only go with my parents if they have something on sale, which they're usually out of. The only thing I buy there is stirrup leggings, which I haven't found anywhere else.
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I had a really bad experience with Walmart a couple weeks ago....I went there and bought some stuff, including a cute electronic toy for Amber. Went through the checkout lane, paid for my stuff, was heading out the door when this cop in uniform taps me on the shoulder and says I just set the dang alarm off....I didn't even hear it go off....I was in a hurry and didn't even notice it. He then tells me he has to search all my bags, personal belongings, etc....everyone is staring at me....I felt like a common criminal...I said, "I didn't steal anything...I wouldn't do that, I'm not that kind of person" He said, "I still have to check you". So there I stood, while half the store is staring at me, and he is going through my bags. Finally they discovered that the toy I had bought Amber had not been "de-magnatized" when I was going through the checkout lane....the checkout ladies fault, not mine. I guess they now also put those little strips on baby toys because they were having problems with people stealing them...geesh. So after seeing my receipt and seeing I had indeed paid for it...he let me go. I was mad! How embarrassing!!!!!
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Debby, I'm sorry that happened to you! It is embarrassing, isn't it? Nine times out of ten, it is the cashiers fault! The manufacturers of the products are putting those magnitized things inside the toys and etc now. They are even in things that you wouldn't even think about...like razor blade boxes! Sometimes they are even built right inside of the tube of lipstick! Its sad that they have to do that...but there is a lot of stuff that is taken from each store. I believe that last year at inventory time, there was over $5000 worth of makeup missing and you can bet that almost all of it was stolen!
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I know it is necessary now because of the times we are living in for the maufacturers to do this...even though it is sad that it has to be that way...but it is still so very embarrassing...there were people I knew in line looking at me...I wanted to shout over to them..."I didn't take anything, really!" But I think they probably knew that.

A guy I work with said he set the alarm off when he walked IN the store and they finally figured out that his coat...which had not even been purchased at Walmart, was somehow setting off the alarm. Weird.
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OH..that reminds me! If you happen to buy shoes from K-Mart they have those magnitic things built inside of the soles! If you don't get them demagnitized, then it will set off the alarms when you walk in the store! Another culprit is wallets (they've got them sewen inside) and purses!

If you think you have one of them in your shoes, wallet or purse, you can ask the door greeter to demagnitize them for you.
Just a FYI for ya'll!
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I just don't understand why we should have to go through so much trouble....if we purchase something somewhere else we shouldn't have to even deal with Walmart's alarms.
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But thanks for the heads up on this...I appreciate it!!!
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The crappy part of it is that some chains don't have those alarms or the demagnitizer things...so they're merchandise will set off the alarms. But, I agree...I don't think the honest people should have to go through this crap because of some loser that steals from them. Most of the time, the criminals are smart enough to take the stuff out of the package or find other ways to get out of there with that stuff.

I hate those alarms...it makes people feel like we're accusing them of stealing from us. I think it's just a waste of time and money for the company. I'd much rather them give us all a raise and encourage us to stop the thieves with out the cost of those stupid alarms. I believe those alarm systems cost roughly a 5 to 10 thousand dollars per store! That's alot of wasted money!
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