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Feeding time at the zoo!
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Daddy & son
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Kitty w mouse
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What a full house you've got Sherral! They are all so adorable...wanna share with me? I could take a couple off your hands!! I just luv em'!
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Sure ,drive on up and pick up a baby! They are so sweet,and just love people!!
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Um...Just kidding! What a long drive that would be! Nebraska to New York! Jeesh!
If I were closer, I'd be right there Sherral!
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Very Cute Pictures !!!
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HAHA As you can see I attached my "Feeding Time At The Zoo" picture also ENJOY!! Sam
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What beauthul cats! Shell ,I will get back to you later!
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Wow, Sherral and Sam, your kitties are so so so so so cute..... hugs and kisses for all!

Here is Venus with a bib (made out of coffee filter..) just did not want to soil her hair around the neck and underchin areas.. hehe!

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Shell I am back I was just jokeing but... it is 18 hours and 5 minutes.
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That's it, Sherral, I am getting in the car now to come and get one of those kittens!
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Jeez...that just too dang long for me! I'd get "bed sores" on my butt from driving that long! **LOL**
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Whats your address? MoM of ten cats? LOL shell!
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awww so cute!! I can't wait until my guys start eating really food!! Shouldn't be two much longer, they are two weeks old tomorrow!
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Sherral, I'm just outside of Philly. Far enough away that I don't hear sirens all night long LOL.
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Thanks Venus is gorgeous also

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OMG!!! I love all of those pictures!!! How cute!!!!!
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