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Daily Thread Tues Sept 30th!

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Last day of September!! Its crazy how fast time is going by! Almost no time until our wedding!!! Eeeeeeeeeek!

Its going to be rainy and chilly today...At least I get to ease into this Ottawa winter thing that will be coming.

Just heading to work today and then doing some errands afterward..thats about it.

Have a great day folks!
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We are close to christmas

Today on the agenda (Dont i sound smart )

I am going to help mum re organize the kitchen and drawers and cuboards..
Tidy/organize and hoover/polish my bedroom

Clean the litter tray out.. spot clean the rats cages..

Go up the shops to pick up a present for my parents annaversery tomorrow and also get some one else a christmas present

And some finger paints , as i have my friends 10 month old baby over night monday so thats going to be an acitivity we will be doing!

So all in all my day is half busy yet kinda productive!

Jess x
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I'm working at the research portion of my back to work program today. From there I have a chiropractor appointment before coming home. Then I have to make up my grocery list for tomorrow. Another frugal month for shopping because I have to squirrel away some money towards my next years license which is due at the end of next month. I so can't wait to get back on the payroll!!!

After that, bed!!! Probably by 7:30pm. Don't I lead the jet set life!
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Its a overcast start to the day with falls temps of about 48F (9C) currently and not getting much warmer.

Got my first paycheck from my part-time job yesterday. Doesn't that seem wierd as its the first time I've been on a payroll in three years. Not alot of money but anything is nice!!

But yesterday was so busy-lots of people buying bread when the temps drop. Then one of my feet slid on some bread crumbs aggravating my super tight hamstrings. Eek-I've been trying to stretch those muscles out but a bit of pain persists.

So housecleaning and more painting this morning before I leave then I stop at grocery and zoom home to make dinner before I am off to a dinner meeting tonite.

No rest for the wicked!!

The cats are all in-they don't like the cooler temps.

Have a good one....
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Morning All!!!!

Rainy, windy and very chilly here today. The leaves are blowing around like crazy out there this morning.

Heading off to work for in a bit, finishing up month end today and as usually am still waiting for reports from two department heads... what's new.

Nothing special planned for afterwards, just home, dinner and maybe some TV.
I am re-reading my James Herriot books so I may just settle in with a pot of Apple Spice Tea and them for the evening.

The kitties are good, Linus is window watching and the other two are napping..

Everyone have a great day
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Afternoon Everyone!

Today I'm planning to kill Bailey, the blanket eating dog (not really, but she did whine non-stop ALL night long so yea, sleep deprived here!) I woke up at 1,3, 6, and 10:20 to give her some meds and keep her comfy. Right now she's relaxing in her kennel and my two dogs are on sitting down right by her kennel keeping her company It's really sweet! Everytime she whines they run over to check on her

I'm eating lunch at the moment and need to finish cutting out coupons when I get done.

Around 4ish i'm going over to my sister's house and we're going to make our regular trip to the grocery store tonight (we always alternate and carpool there). After I get done there I might try and go SS shopping for a few more things if it's not too late when I get back. I got a few things last night my SS has been really wanting- so I hope he or she likes them!
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