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Kibble and the Carrot

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Carrot: Hello Mr. Kibble, thank you for joining me today.

Kibble: You're welcome. I must say though, I had to wait 6 weeks for this interview.

Carrot:Were you refrigerated?

Kibble: No, I don't have to be. Why do you ask?

Carrot: I read in your resume that you are made from natural chicken, animal fat, apples, cottage cheese, grains and many other perishable
ingredients. How could you not spoil?

Kibble: This is going to be a hostile interview, isn't it?

Carrot: Would you please answer my question? All my friends would begin decay and rot in a few hours? How do you stay so...un-moldy?

Kibble: The people who make me wear white coats. I'm sure they know what they are doing. Besides, the research department worked really
closely with marketing on this issue. Who made you?

Carrot: God

Kibble: Never heard of that company. But it's a catchy name - dog spelled backwards.

Carrot: Really, let's figure this out. Meat and fat- yet you never spoil. And. you look so...inert.

Kibble: Well, I am naturally preserved. The purchasing department says I don't have to worry because the fat is loaded with
preservatives from the rendering plant.

Carrot: But I thought you were all natural!

Kibble: The legal department looked into this and as long as our people with white coats just add a little Vitamin E and Rosemary it's
OK to call me natural and I never go bad because there's enough preservative in the fat that comes from the rendering plant to keep me from going bad.

Carrot: So even though you're 'natural' you could be loaded with preservatives from your suppliers?

Kibble: That's right.

Carrot: I still think there's something else - you never go bad at room temperature.

Kibble: Well, there is more. I am so highly heated and processed that all the 'life' goes out of me. In a sense- I die and become a new
molecular substance that is called 'inert'. I am no longer 'food' as you know it.

Carrot: Err...sounds cool. But now that you're dead and inert, who would want to eat you?

Kibble: You mean you've never heard of 'protein digest' spray? After I come out of the extruder I'm sprayed with an irresistible protein
digest and vitamin mix. It's all approved by our in-house vet. We pay him $90,000 dollars a year to make sure I'm nutritionally complete.

Carrot: But underneath that spray you're dead and inert!

Kibble: That's the coolest part! The finance department figured this out. It's called 'fixed price'. I really wish I had thought of this.

Carrot: You're inert. You can't think. What is fixed price?

Kibble: Fixed price is a great marketing tool so I cost the exact same amount each week in the retail store. It all ties together
because I can be kept in warehouses for months to take advantage of good pricing.

Carrot: But your ingredients can't possibly stay the same price from week to week. The market fluctuates all the time.

Kibble: Not a problem! Let's say the price of chicken goes up. The people in white coats just reduce the chicken and add fillers that
keep the cost the same. They have complete control over the gross profit. The share holders LOVE this because they can always make their car payments right on schedule. The other option is 'fixed formula' but that was voted down because we couldn't compete if the price keeps changing. Adjusting the formula
is easy!

Carrot: But what about nutrition??

Kibble: Remember, I'm dead and inert so in a sense it doesn't matter what goes into me. After I'm processed, heated and extruded, it's
really that magic spray that gives me all the nutrition. Besides, dog's have livers and immune systems to remove the other stuff.

Carrot: Wow. is that 'natural'??

Kibble: Sure. soak me in a glass of water and you'll see I break down into a pasty brown substance. It's an earth tone - very natural.

Carrot: I'm looking real closely. All I see is a brown pasty substance. Where are the meat, fat, apples, cottage cheese and grains?

Kibble: You don't know anything, do you? That's where the graphics department comes in. Didn't you see the full color photo of the
chickens, apples and other fresh ingredients nicely printed on the bag? They show me on the cover, not as I actually am, but as people would
expect me to be...That packaging costs a small fortune. Legal says it's OK.

Carrot: That's comforting. If your lawyer says its OK then I feel much better. What about wholesome ingredients and freshness?

Kibble:? Those are just 'concepts' that people have come up with - I'm convinced that if your packaging and marketing materials are
really good then we can overcome anything. That's why we pay those marketing people what we do!

Carrot: Listen, I'm beginning to feel a little funny around the edges so I have to go back in the fridge. Thanks for stopping by!

Kibble: My pleasure.?
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EEWWW!! Now I'm wondering about what I just ate, not just the cats...
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Jess x

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Yet another reason why we desperately need better regulation in so many areas relating to health. Thanks for sharing that information.
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