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Kitten Feeding

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Currently we are feeding our kitten a mixture of Fancy Feast, Whiskas Pouches and Nutro Max dry food. He is a 10 week old kitten, fairly large for his age. It is definitely possible that he is part Maine Coon. He is a typical baby and is always into everything.

We're feeding him 1/3 can of fancy feast mixed with 1/4th pouch of whiskas (he's obsessed with this, we've found) three times a day and he gets free choice dry food all night.

Is this enough? We don't give him free choice all day because he won't eat food that has been standing out for that long. He was quite skinny when we got him and has put on a little weight, but now isn't putting on any more and is still a bit too thin.
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the vet is the best one to ask this as they can see and evaluate kitty ... if you are free feeding dry I would guess you are in the ballpark... as a general rule 2-3 oz of wet per lb of kitten ... of course your also feeding dry so I am figureing about 2 oz with a half a cup of dry for about a 4-5 lb kitten
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I would think (and im no vet) that as long as you are free feeding dry then dont worry.

Of course wet is better, and you are feeding wet as often as possible. A kitten will eat alot, but it wont seem like much to a big human.

Have you weighed him recently? A pound of weight for every month of age is the very general rule. If he hasnt been to the vet yet, maybe have a parasite check done. I dont wont to talk you out of worrying, but my vet keeps telling me that as long as a cat is eating, dont worry too much.

holly was very skinny when we got her, and it took maybe a month or two for her to gain some weight.
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