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5 for me. I love dogs and cats pretty equally although it seems like sometimes I am more "into" dogs and sometimes cats.
I also love most other pets, I've owned a lot, I think my favorites besides dogs and cats are rats and ferrets.
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5 always have had both and always likely will have at least one of each
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5 , i love t hem equally for different reasons.
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id say 4 i love them both but i love my kitten more

i even managed to turn my better half to a complete dog lover/cat hater into both an dog and cat lover

go me hehe
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I would have to say I'm a 4 on this one...I definitely enjoy my cats more than I do the dogs...not saying I don't love dogs, it's just that if I could live with one or the other (or had to for some reason) I would choose cats over dogs...
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i would say 7 I love them both but i like dogs a little more. I use to be more of a cat person untill I gor dogs.
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5 - I love dogs! I cannot wait to get our first one
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Originally Posted by binkyhoo View Post
Oops. A spider is an animal, after consulting with my Dude. He teaches biology. But sitll...ICK.

Really?! Wow, I'll have to remember that. But really.....I love almost all animals--except spiders!

I'll always be a cat person first, but dogs (especily shih tzus!) are a close second.
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Hmm... hard to say... maybe 60% cat, 40% dog? or 50/50...

I like cats and dogs for different reasons..
Cats: low maintinence, very cuddly (if it's the right cat), can leave them home all day w/o worring about letting them out, not much "training" necessary. virtually odorless (the animal, not the litter).

Dogs: Good training prospects (obedience, agility), can take them outside w/ you (I like having my dog for walks), understand "rules" (i.e. don't come in the kitchen when I'm cooking, etc.), can be good for watchdog / protection (i.e. my dog also acts as a deterrant on walks, dog will bark to let you know people are outside).

But there are cons to each...

Cats- lack of understanding of "rules", can't really take them for walks, don't act as watchcats, etc. in any way (at least for most), Have to deal with more in-grained "behavior" issues (i.e. they MUST scratch, etc.)

Dogs- High maintinence, must take out often, not-so-much with cuddling / affection (esp. with a dominant breed / dog). That smell...

I don't know, I guess I'm both, but I like most animals...excepting spiders and large snakes.... I will most likely have both most of my life, although I may go only cat when I move out of my current residence (when the family dog dies).

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My answer to this question would be 2 for dogs, 8 for cats. Some dogs are okay, but many seem a little too skittish and jumpy for my liking. Cats seem calmer and more stable to me, and are lower maintainence than dogs. Plus, my Princess is *terrified* of them! I've seen her growl at dogs several times her size.
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6 I love cats a bit more then I love dogs.
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I love all I'd probably say it's somewhere in the middle. I will admit that I gravitate towards dogs, but I'll love anything fuzzy (and even things that aren't!).

I loved my Beagle, Kibbles, for the 16 years I spent with her, and I still love her even though she's been gone for 6 years now. She truly was my best friend in the whole world, and I miss her every single day.

I loved the stray black cat I brought in one winter and named Spooky. I wound up finding her a wonderful home after a few months of getting her healthy.

I loved all my small critters, from my dozen multi-colored hamsters, my three guinea pigs (Cricket, Ruffles, and Truffles), my mouse Champagne, my three rabbits (Monty, Cinnamon, and Rascal), my four parakeets, and the assortment of fish I've had - especially my giant goldfish because they liked to kiss your fingers.

And lastly, I grew to love Snickers, even though he was only here for a short time.

So now that I've gotten all long-winded, I try not to discriminate between animals. They all have love to give you if you love them in return. :-)
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I'm probably a 4. I love all animals. I don't think I could handle a dog with my schedule. Cats and ferrets are pretty low maintnance compared to dogs. Dogs just don't quite have the intelligence and personality of cats. Of course, ferrets are waaaaaaaay smarter than either dogs or cats.
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I hate it when I walk into a friends house and their dog proceeds to sniff my crotch. "Well, hello doggie, but go away' Having said that, I do like dogs.
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Dogs are more predictable than cats, that's for sure. Cat is very hard to please them or control them, they are very independent animal.

i prefer dog sometimes and cat sometimes. check out my dog here
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I have two of each so i'm in the middle. I am more bonded to my cats but I don't think I love them more. My dogs have great personalities and keep us laughing, sometimes they even mind which will never happen with the cats
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5!! I love them both so much!! Cats are a little less maintenance but dogs can go with you more places! And they both give love unconditionally!!

Yay for animals, haha!
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Originally Posted by artgecko View Post

Dogs- , not-so-much with cuddling / affection (esp. with a dominant breed / dog). that smell
As a long time dog owner and handler and also a dog trainer I must point out this first part of your post is not true. Big dogs of all breeds can be very affectionate and cuddly, I cuddle with three dogs every night.

And my cat smells more than my dogs. Mine are groomed and fed a high quality diet.

I am really not trying to offend but I am honestly curious. Do you keep your dog outside? That might be a reason as that definitely interferes with your dogs ability to be a true pack member and develop a closer more meaningful and affectionate bond with you. And then again, all dogs have different personalities and temperaments based on many factors.
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Originally Posted by cococat View Post

And my cat smells more than my dogs.
Your doggies must be super clean! Never met a cat (unless it's sick or played with garbage) smellier than a dog. When I visit a shelter, the dog kennels are more odorous than the catteries. And my 11 cats have no smell and they do not take baths like my 2 dogs (bathed 2x a week).
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Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Er... 4. Cats take care of themselves, which I prefer, but dogs have the benefit of taking orders instead of giving them.
i would have to agree 105%
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6 for dogs! Don't get me wrong, I love my cats, but sometimes hate how sassy they are, and how they only want attention, when THEY want attention. My dogs are always there by my side and ready to give me kisses anytime & are ready for all the attention I want to give. They also listen to commands I give them. I just absolutely love my dogs. It makes me all mushy inside when I think of them. They're my babies.
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Originally Posted by yayi View Post
Your doggies must be super clean! Never met a cat (unless it's sick or played with garbage) smellier than a dog. When I visit a shelter, the dog kennels are more odorous than the catteries. And my 11 cats have no smell and they do not take baths like my 2 dogs (bathed 2x a week).

Really? Everytime I go to the shelter, you can smell the cats room from OUTSIDE of the doors. I smell nothing when I go into the dog kennel area. Maybe your dogs stink because you're bathing them too often? I bathe my dogs once a week, which, is technically too frequent. You should only bathe a dog every 4-6 weeks. I just bathe mine once a week because I use an all natural shampoo, and they are inside all the time. They only go out to go for a walk and to go potty.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
I would have to say 5. I love cats for their independence and low maintance, and because when they want attention, it's somehow more special. But, I love dogs BECAUSE of their total devotion and loyalty and need to please. Plus, they actually bring the ball back while playing fetch (my cats have yet to learn this )
I would have to agree, a 5 for me as well based on the same reasons as quoted above. We have had cats for 30+ yrs. and this is our first dog but I can honestly say I have bonded with him so well that there will always be a dog in my future.
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Growing up I had very limited exposure to cats and was maybe a 9.5. I liked them from a distance, but never considered living with one. Then I entered the veterinary field and met some really awesome cats. I ended up adopting one from my first job at an animal clinic, then took in a kitty my sister had rescued but no longer wanted. Now, I would say I'm a 6 1/2. I fall in love with a lot of our kitty patients, but more dogs pull at the heartstrings.

Also, my 100lb GSD is 100% trustworthy. My 7lb cat, well...she makes me nervous.
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