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stuffed his face with bread

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MY cat took a loaf of bread off the counter ripped it open and started eating it like candy

I didnt know he was into it until it was to late~! hes 16 years old hes never done this before

But I think he ate a WHOLE slice of bread to himself!

Does anyone know why he would do this??? Is he ok? Will he puke/barf soon?
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he should be ok. My cats have done the same thing before and were ok. Im not sure why they would do it or why they like bread, but I keep my bread up now.

Sending some extra vibes for your senior guy that he is ok
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2 of mine love bread, and it has never hurt them when the sneak around and rip open the bag. Fluffy will eat her fill, then sleep on it like a pillow if I don't catch her sneaky little butt first. Pepper begs for bread when I eat it, and I usually give the a little, and she has had no digestive difficulties at all. I think your kitty will be fine.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
then sleep on it like a pillow
THAT is so funny
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Awww bless him, he wanted bread I bet he will be okay
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many a cat has eaten a slice of bread ... you may have icky potty box but likely hell be fine
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I have a couple cats that always steal tortilla chips if I leave the bag out. Who knows why? They're never ill from it, and it just reminds me to put the bag away whe I'm done.
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Sierra loves bread, she'll eat a 1/2 slice and enjoy every bit of it! I believe your kitty will be ok
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Ive heard of cats that love bread, but never seen it. Bet he will be ok
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Farley loves to steal bread, he doesn't eat it just prances around with it in his mouth growling at the other cats until he gets bored and walks away
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Dushka loves French bread sticks. She will gnaw away on the crusty ends if I leave a baguette on the table. She doesn't like sandwich bread though!
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Bread in Greece has a little of flour on the outside... and i've catched my oldest cat licking that flour... I took it away and since then I always hide it.. there is something appealing with flour...
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One of mine LOVES bread, so much she acts like a wild beast just to get some of it! lol
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