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Newbie question...

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So what happens to these posts after awhile?

Do they just disappear after page 9? If you try to search for an older topic past page 9 in the Cat Lounge (or the last page in any category) what happens?
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They are all still there.
I ahe gone way back to get info.
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I guess some dwarfs will stock in a hidden place for some reason!...

.. Just kidding my friend!... same question I have too...
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Click on a Forum name--not an individual thread or post. Scroll to the bottom of the page. There is a box where you can choose display options. The default seems to be one month. It looks like you have to do this for each forum. I don't see any kind of master key that lets you make changes for the all of the forums at once.
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ok, here's a link to the oldest thread i'm still subscribed to: here are my girls!
thread started on 12/5/2004
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Well, I was rather hoping they would disappear eventually. Sometimes we vent about things best kept to ourselves...wine may have been the culprit when I first joined TCS... Oh well. It's kinda impressive how much great info is stored on here then...
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I've always wondered where the old posts go as well..

At least I know now! And it's nice to know they can be retrieved too.
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