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Cat won't eat; Can't smell

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We have two feral cats that live with our other 4 cats; we have never been able to hold them. One of them, Moose, lives in our bedroom because of some fear problems. He is happy and seems fine.Our cat George visits with him alot and he loves George. The last week he is hardly eating. We noticed a swelling under one eye a week ago and put colloidal silver in his water. The swelling went away in a couple of days, but now he won't hardly eat. We have tried lots of different food; he ate two times for sure when we gave him a freshly opened can of mackeral and a freshly opened can of catfood type tuna. It would be very hard to get him to a vet as we can't pick him up. He seems okay. He is out and plays and his eyes look fine, so we think this is connected to the swelling of a week ago. Can anyone suggest some "smelly" cat food as we think he can't smell.
Thank you.
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What I would suggest is warmong up some canned (not hot) in the microwave. that brings out the aroma. Oh ok ok smell
Another idea is to put a little parmesean cheese on top
best of luck
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He may have a respiratory infection causing him not to smell and to not be eating. A trip to the vet may be in order, even if it is difficult. We almost lost our first cat that way, she hadn't been eating, we had company for a week and we weren't paying attention to her. She had an infection and had lost weight by the time we got her to the vet. I hope this isn't the case for your guy, just be sure to watch him and make sure he is eating.
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IMHO anything ... ie human tuna , warmed babyfood ,warmed canned cat food ,
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IMO cat food seafood stuff is way more smelly than real tuna. Maybe warm some seafood cat food up.

Sorry to say it, but it sounds like you might have to take the cat into the vet. if you have a vet you are close with or see often, maybe they would just perscribe some antibiotics just in case so you dont have to stress him out with a vet visit?
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He really needs to go to the vet, and I would do it quickly. The swelling might have been an infected wound or abscess. Or it could be a virus or some other condition. Not eating means the cat is sick and needs medical attention.
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