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Cat Trees

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Alright, I'm officially in the market for a cat tree. However, I'm not at all able to afford anything expensive..like usual. I'm looking at something climbable, so no shorter than three feet. Online seems like the best bet right now, but ebay has horrible prices (the shipping on some of the trees there is frightening). Which places have proces that are affordable but still has good quality pieces of cat furtniture?
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spoil my kitty is where i have gotten all my trees. I like them. I got a tree of ebay once and it was HORRIBLE. I am very hesitant with ebay.
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I've heard good things about http://www.armarkat.com/index.htm. Shipping is free within the US and they always have a good selection of trees for sale. Although I haven't owned a tree from the site, I've heard that they are of decent quality.

My recommendation would be - the taller, the better. Mine is 4' tall and it just isn't cutting it anymore. They basically use it as a stepping stone to my higher cabinets!
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I got mine from here:-


This store is featured on this site actually. Free shipping and they do have a very nice selection and is cheaper than most other sites. I did my research and did many comparison and I definitely recommend it.

Another great site is this:-


They sell below retail but not too sure about shipping. You can check it out and see if it fits your budget.
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I bought mine at petcetra. They often have them on sale.
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Ours is about 4 feet tall and we got it on sale at Petco for around $90. Its doable - but DH will be building a 7 feet tall treehouse with left over lumber next spring.
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OO, let us know what you get! Ive been looking for a while now for the perfect tree. I like the armaraket ones myself.
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I have/had an Armarkat one for a couple of years. They do not work past the weight limit stated. One of my cats became obese and the top posts are really wobbly now. In fact, I just got a BIGFOOT tonight, and will be donating the old tree to my local shelter's kitten room.
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i have 2 of the armarkat trees. i got this one on eBay for $71 - $20 for the tree, $51 for shipping. got this one directly from armarkat - wanted this specific color, wasn't available on eBay.
i like them both - altho i do have the taller one secured to the wall to limit tipping.
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I wish this one shipped to the US:


It looks really nice. Oh, and I've looked at the Armarkat ones several times, but I'm afraid they're a bit out of my price range - I'm limited with my funds. I'll keep checking ebay since you can find good deals there if you're persistant. Any other websites with good sized trees for decent prices that anyone knows of (that ships to the US)?
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Is there any of your friends/family who is handy with a hammer/saw and can make one for you?
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I just got one dirt cheap last night, It is huge! Its 6 ft tall and has 4 shelves and a tunnell. I had to rearange my whole bedroom to fit it. I'll have to take some pictures of it when I get home tonight. All I know is that Tessie loves it and it was worth every penny
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I am on the look out for one too, have found a great one on zooplus
http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/cats/s...ts/large/13537 am going to get a taller one too. Just kind of realised that my kitty has totally grown out his smaller one, bless him! I was thinking about trying to make one, but that will take time and i am not too confident of the outcome
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Originally Posted by ~*Regina*~ View Post
I just got one dirt cheap last night, It is huge! Its 6 ft tall and has 4 shelves and a tunnell. I had to rearange my whole bedroom to fit it. I'll have to take some pictures of it when I get home tonight. All I know is that Tessie loves it and it was worth every penny
Where did you get it?
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Originally Posted by tamgirl99 View Post
Where did you get it?
I work at a pet store PT and someone had returned it becuase it had a crack coming down the middle of one of the poles. My boss put it back on the floor with a 50% off sign becuase it was damaged. So I grabbed it and said I wanted it. It normally cost $199.98 but I got it for $79.99 thats including my 20% employee discount .
I'm going to get rope this weekend and wrap all the poles in it. You will never be able to tell there is a crack.

Also... for those of you looking craigslist.com is great! There may be some people getting rid of them for free
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I got one one craigslist.com for $40. It is over 6 feet tall and my cats just LOVE it. I do most of my shoping on craigslist.com because money is always tight for us. I looked at petco for cat trees and the some one that I have was $200 there.
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petedge.com has them CHEAP CHEAP.. better than any pet store.. usually.
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I would keep saving until you can afford a large tree, I have some smaller 4-5ft trees but the cats love the floor-ceiling ones the most.
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I said I would take a picture of the cat tree . Better late then never lol, here you all go.

Tessie absolutely loves it.
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Regina, I love the wood poles on that. That is my ideal cat tree (only with sisal too).

My SO really wants to make one, but I am not getting my hopes up for anything super nice looking. Chloe spends a lot of time in our basement so that's where I think it will go anyway.

I recommend checking out Petco & Petsmart, they usually have some on sale and then you don't have to deal with shipping. Craigslist is a great suggestion too.

What else do they use for cat trees other than carpet? I'm not a fan of the carpet look. I like sisal but was hoping for the soft parts to be something other than carpet, like fleece? Do they make those?

I love these (minus the carpet):
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I have one of the expensive trees from Petco and an Amerkat tree from gopetclub.com. I love the tree from Petco--sturdy as all get out and I can put it anywhere. The Amerkat tree has to be against a wall and is not nearly as sturdy. My cats are ~average sized females and it seems to work ok, I can't imagine it for large cats at all. The Amerkat trees have fleece rather than carpet.

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Armarkat offers fleece or carpeted trees. i have 2 trees from them - a tall one [attached to the wall] & a smaller one. they also offer free shipping.
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I'm going to get my cat tree soon! It's around five feet tall (shorter than I'd really like, but it'll do) and has tan carpeting. It's used, but is in good condition. The top perch is a bit wobbly but my dad will be able to fix that no problem. The best part is that it was originally $200 but I'm getting it for $25!
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For all of you that have cat trees, especially the really tall ones, do you have to do anything to keep them steady, like bolt them to the floor or anything? I have been wanting to get one for Snickers for a while but I wasn't sure that a tall tree would stay upright with a 14 lb. kitty jumping around on it. I'd hate to have a cat tree fall on her! Am I just being paranoid or are you supposed to do something to keep cat trees stable?
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i have my tall one attached to the wall. prior to that, it would kinda wobble - worried me!
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I didn't get it. It was not in good condition at all - was obviously very well loved by other cats and was very snarly and snaggy. I'll have to keep looking for another.
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Laureen, how did you go about attaching it to a wall?
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Originally Posted by SnickersMom View Post
Laureen, how did you go about attaching it to a wall?
L-bracket. altho, they should be called 7-brackets, since that's how you use them...
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I went to www.thecatandkittenstore.com they have a huge slecetion of every size and price.

Rob & Sport
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wow alot of great info on where to get one of these. I have been tossing the idea around of making one for my 2 but it seems im probably going to check out a couple of these sites. I keep reading that bunnies play on them too so that'l make my girlfriend let me throw a couple extra dollars down for one. I'l post a pic soon. they got their self cleaning litter box this week so they need to wait a bit longer before I give them something else!
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