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cat getting tooth pulled

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My Siamese will be getting a tooth pulled next week. I'm real nervous and not sure of this procedure. This came about after one of my cats was pts. I got my others into the vet for a checkup and we found a lump on my siamese and the vet also noted she needs a tooth pulled. I went back 2 weeks later for a follow up and the lump was no longer there (a swollen lymph node that the vet said was okay now and this is "normal") and he made no mention of the tooth.

I called a few days ago to discuss scheduling the tooth to be pulled. Is it common for the vet just to schedule the pulling, or do they usually have a consultation before pulling?

This vet doesn't require a consultation. Just drop her off that morning and he'll take care of it. I just hope he remembers which tooth it is. He has only seen her twice. I switched vets due to several issues.

I lost a cat recently and all this stuff makes me very nervous. I know she needs the tooth out, as the vet says she is probably experiencing alot of pain with her bad tooth.

Is this a horrible ordeal for the cat??
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Has she had blood tests?
Seems strange how your vet is doing it to me.
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I called my previous vet and explained the situation. They informed me that they'd have to do their own testing and the price would start at $200.00 just for the consulation. I think that's a little high, considering I can provide them with the consultation from the other vet. They won't do this though, and want to do the consultation themselves.

I'm not sure which route I'm going to take.
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Perhaps I'm not following--but hasn't the current vet seen the cat and made the determination that the tooth needs to come out? Why would you need a consult past that?

Single tooth extractions (usually paired with a dentistry, because they're there, they might as well) are not a big deal, unless the cat is aged or infirm or has some other pre-existing issues that make anesthesia a dangerous proposition.

The timeline you've described is exactly as I'd expect: the vet sees the cat for routine work, notes that a tooth needs to be extracted, and the surgery is scheduled. I would not be concerned about the vet "forgetting" which tooth it is--there's a reason your pet has a chart, and regardless--a tooth that needs to come out is not hard to miss.
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One of my cats had to have two extractions about 3 yrs ago and after examining him, offered an optional blood screening before surgery, which I declined because he was (and still is) very healthy. It's been a few years now, but he whole thing cost around $250.

I've had many cats with dental problems and a bad tooth isn't going to go away and eventually will need attention. Better to take care if it sooner than later.

I remember when Rocky came home from the vet after three extractions and I thought he'd be sleepy. All he wanted to do was play, because he felt so much better!
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