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Brushing teeth

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I wanted to start brushing my cats teeth since she is mainly eating wet food now and I don't want her teeth to rot and have problems when she gets older.

How often do you brush there teeth?
What do you use?
How on earth am I going to get her use to it?

Thanks so much!
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I don't have any useful information for you. I'm only responding cuz no one else has.

I don't think too many folks here have had much success in getting their cats to accept tooth brushing. I seem to recall there are a couple though. Maybe they will respond.

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Check out this link.
It's under Cat Care at the top of the page on TCS.

I also saw a video shortly after I joined TCS, but don't remember where. If I find it, I'll let you know.

I got a kit at PetCo or PetSmart with cat toothpaste, a little toothbrush, and a finger brush. The finger brush looks kind of like a large thimble with soft plastic bristles on one side. I started out by putting a dab of the toothpaste on the finger thing and letting the cats lick it off. As they got used to it, I was able to brush a couple of teeth at a time. I prefer the finger brush because I feel like I have more control over the cats. They don't back away from it and jerk their heads around the way they do with the regular toothbrush. I do occasional find the finger brush on the floor. Apparently my girls think it's a new kitty toy.

I've seen different opinions on how often to brush. At least one article said daily, but other have said 2-3 times a week.
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I wanted to start brushing my cats teeth since she is mainly eating wet food

Wet food has nothing to do with it. It is not worse for the teeth then dry food

now and I don't want her teeth to rot and have problems when she gets older.

That's always a good thing

How often do you brush there teeth?

a couple times a week

What do you use?
cat toothpaste available at most petstores

How on earth am I going to get her use to it?
slowly lol. Get her use to your fingers in her mouth

Hope this helps and good luck
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I knew I'd seen the video somewhere. Probably somebody on this site directed me to it.
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Its probably best to buy a brishing kit at the pet store, and just try. If its too traumitizing for the cat, then dont worry about it unless it becomes a problem, Regular vet checks ought to be enough warning.
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I brush Mao's teeth daily with CET enzymatic pet toothpaste and it just takes time and patience. The video that optionken posted is great and that's how I got Mao used to it, basically. He actually *looks forward* to it now because he loves the paste, LOL.
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Hi, I use Logic Gel which I get from the vet, some buy it online. There are different ways that you can use it. With a toothbrush, with your finger or put a dab on the front paw and they will instinctly lick it off, don't put too much on paw as they will also flap paw about to get it off and could go splat anywhere!! Personally I us my finger and he doesn't mind, i make sure i get on all his teeth. They do say that as the tongue is rough that they do the cleaning bit themselves. Also, I think the paste tastes okay as he doesn't mind it at all! Good luck
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I got a couple of kits from Petco, and we brush Stan's teeth 2-3 times a week (he loves the taste of the toothpaste) and Bella about once a week (she hates the toothpaste and it is a two person job).

We use the finger brush with Bella and I just use my finger for Stan. Don't worry about the inside, kitty's rough tongue will keep them clean, this is for the outside teeth.

The earlier you can get them used to it the better --and don't worry about the wet food. They pretty much swallow the dry food whole and it doesn't do a thing (generally) for their teeth.
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I do it every few weeks or once a month. You only need to get the outside of the teeth. My cat will let me use the cat toothbrush on his front teeth, but for the back teeth I have to put a little toothpaste on my pinky finger and do it that way (it's easier to get my finger than a toothbrush between the side of the mouth and the teeth).
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Finger brush and alot of patience.
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Thanks for all the help .

I have heard from some people that cats teeth rot alot faster when eating wet food. It is good to know that is false but I'm still going to attempt brushing her teeth.
I was thinking (very dangerous when I do this ). What if I bought a kids soft power toothbrush? Do you think it worth a shot?
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No, I think that would scare the cat. Best to buy a cat toothbrush that is specially designed for the size of a cat's mouth.
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My vet actually recommended one of the human toothbrushes - the one with just the small, circular tuft of bristles on the end.
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I brush Teppo's teeth every other night because he came to us with some tartar issues. Every other night I give him the dental treat treatment (I make him chew them with his back teeth - he usually just swallows everything). Teppo loves the malt toothpaste but I wonder if it's so great to use so much of it - it has like all kinds of goodies in it. He's very good at brushing, I tell him to show me some gum, and he'll even lift his lip a bit now - as long as the paste yummies are coming on regular intervals.

Ossi and Kille brush their teeth once a week or not even that often if their mouths look and smell good. They used to be good with it but we aren't doing it often enough, so they have grown a bit more reluctant.
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