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Wet food issue.

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My cat has always eaten a can of wet food a day. He will eat a particular brand for a while and then get sick of it. So I rotate between EVO, california natural and meow mix. This past week I did something kind of bad, I was totally out of wet and had little money, so I bought him Friskies......he freakin LOVED it, now I can't get him to eat the other stuff!! Guess the worse for you, the better it tastes!! The worst part is that it gave him really loose stools, and it smelled HORRIBLE. So should I keep trying the 'good' stuff until he decideS to eat it again?? I really don't want to feed him friskies. He always has a little bit of dry food to snack on that he can eat if he gets too hungry!! Any advice??
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I would try withdrawing the Friskies entirely and just go back to the "good stuff".

If he gets really stubborn and starts to lose weight because he won't eat the "good stuff' you could try to wean him off of the Friskies. Mix a bit of the "good stuff" in with the Friskies. Increase the amount of "good stuff" at each meal until he is eating only the "good stuff". Hopefully his stool will improve during the process both because his system adjusts to the Friskies and because he will be eating less of it.

If he really likes the dry, you can use it to incite him to eat the "good stuff" also. Use a food chopper to chop the dry into small pieces and mix it with the "good stuff". The pieces need to be small enough that he can't pick them out and leave the wet but large enough ti entice him. Gradually reduce the amount of dry until he is eating only the wet.

Good luck!
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So many people have told me to never feed Friskies because its cat crack lol looks like that is trie.My cats are really loving Instict lamb or rabbit. They also eat EVO, california natural, and nutro max natural.
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This happened to us with Fancy Feast. As long as I kept giving little of it, boys kept rejecting the better stuff. Finally I just told them FF is all gone, and for couple of days they left the good stuff untouched (well except for Mr I-Eat-Anything-I-Am-Always-Starving) - after that they decided to start nibbling a little bit of what was on offer. In a little while they made their choice of which one of the good stuff they accepted. It was a painful experience though...
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My cats never would eat EVO, hard as I tried
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