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Eden - The spotlight all to herself

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Here's some pics of my girl, glowy ferocious looking eyes & all.

She really likes this cat tree & can cram herself into it somehow

Being attacked from below...

Attacking back!

Falling asleep

Awake enough to attack the mouse

She gets up in the cat tree & can then keep the kittens at bay, they're really annoying her, especially Houdini....he bites a lot still.
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She is so pretty
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What a smart girl, Eden! Which kitten is that trying to climb her tree?
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Pyro is the one climbing the tree in the pics, but the others were all harassing her, too. King of the moutain I think they were playing.
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She's a beauty. Her attacker is a sweetie, too.
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I don't know how much longer she will have the top of that mountain to herself, but I think she might need to find another place to get away soon. She is beautiful!!
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She's looking much healthier now - you've done a great job as always!
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You have such great cats Very cute!
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She does look gorgeous & healthy! Good work
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She is gorgeous Natalie
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Eden is just beautiful!
I love Siamese cats, I just recently adopted two of my own.
It looks like Eden needs a little break from her kittens,
are you keeping them or are they going to new homes soon?
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She's beautiful, and Pyro is a doll
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What a beautiful girl, as are her babies

How is her balance Natalie is that better now?
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No one is staying! The babies get fixed Oct 9th (except Houdini who is too small). Eden & Houdini stay until they get adopted - the others will go to Petco.

Her balance is good, she occaisonally/rarely has issues. She's slightly more inclined to tip over, but she is WAY better than when I brought her home.
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I am glad that her balance issues are better, and am sure she wont have to wait long for her new home - how come some are going to Petco and some aren't? I know I sometimes have issues with adopting my fosters cos they aren't seen wehn people make unexpected visits, do you have the same problem?
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Houdini isn't going due to the fact that every time you pick him up he bites & scratches. Eden will destroy the cage in Petco & go berserk, I've never been able to cage her without her pottying all over & shredding any bedding, carpet, etc within her grasp.
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Ah right!! So will it be easy to place them from your house then? I hope you can train Houdini out of his bad habits!!
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She is so pretty!
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Great pictures! She's so cute! And so is her little friend!
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She looks healthier now, and definitely happier. Hopefully all the kitties will be adopted soon, and Houdini stops his scratching and biting!
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