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What is the funniest thing your cat has done?

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I'm sure this topic has been discussed before but what is the funniest your cat has done? I didnt really feel like looking for the thread os i just made my own.

I remember about a week ago my kitten Winston pounced on my other cat tootsie and he just made like a loud meow noise and ran off as fast as he could and tootsie chased him and he jumped on a table and ran right off and he fell. I was laughing for at least 10 minutes it was the funniest cutest thin ever hhaha... yeah
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One night Maggie was swinging her tail back and forth on the living room floor, Jazz was right behind her and bit Maggies tail , Maggie turned around real fast and hissed at Jazz who then stood up on her hind legs and put up her paws as though she were boxing as if to say to Maggie, c'mon put em up, I'm ready!!!!!. Wish I had a video camera for that one!!!!
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One time Buddy jumped, did a 180 degree spin-move while smacking the other cat in the face with his tail, and then taking off in the opposite direction all in one swift move. Wish I had it on film.
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our little girl little bit when i scratch her at the base of her tail. her tail coils up like a pigs tail and she shakes her head like shes having a epiletic fit
but she loves it!!!
it sounds weird but its funny
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i came home from work one day, opened the front door and abe ran out, up a tree.
back down, and back in the house. all in a matter of seconds
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its funny to me, but sometimes Holly will pounce on Kitty in the pan, and Kitty is nervous enough lately Cant think of anything else right now.
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The funniest thing Mittens ever does, is chase her own tail. She will be really playful & laying down, but her tail is wagging & she can see it out of the corner of her eye, then she will go after it again and again, shifting herself around in a circle trying to get it.

Before we got Mittens, Monster would chase himself around the house when he was in a "mood"(he still does it sometimes, when Mittens is sleeping or upstairs). One day, he was doing it, & im standing in the kitchen talking to bf's mom while shes cooking dinner, & all of a sudden, Monster is clinging to my butt! he had taken a flying leap at me from behind, & clung on with his claws. a couple times, hes done that with the door frames, & climbed all the way up! i think its hilarious.
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One day Felix was playing in the recliner, and he started running in circles chasing his tail... and fell off the side of the chair...

He does this quite frequently
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Our nacho gets on his favourite chair and is on his back with hind legs in the air.He looks like a little person
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Geez, there are so many things Pepino takes my socks puts them in the dining room of all places, he throws stuff from the counter into my garbage can in the bathroom, he drags my clothes out of the bedroom into the hallway and he stands like he's being held up with a gun
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hmm heyu fist time she stole cheese off a slice of food , and took off running downstaris to hide under a chair.

lol easy seems to find something new each day
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Abby is the clown in the house

She came to live with us when she was 4 months old and what a mischievous girl she was.

I came home from work and found the top door of my fridge (the freezer door) wide open and everything inside defrosted. Thankfully I didn't have much in there, mostly chicken stock and ice cubes and breads.

I thought I had left it open by accident. So the next day when I went to work I made sure I double checked the freezer. When I got home that afternoon it was wide open

My next day off I was sitting in the living room at my computer desk. The kitchen door is behind me. I heard odd noises from the kitchen. Thumping, scraping, and woosh woosh sounds. I was scared to go look because I thought it was a rodent or something.

I finally got up to peek around the corner and I see Abby hanging off the top of the fridge by her front paws, bouncing her hind legs off the fridge and swinging her body front and back and side to side.

I stood there and watched to see what the heck she was doing. Well darn it all if she didn't manage to get the freezer door open. She then let go and landed on the floor, only to jump onto the counter and then the top of the fridge again and look inside the freezer from above. She made attempts to get inside the freezer, but couldn't manage it.

It was then I realized that she was the reason my freezer door was open every day when I got home. I also realized that she could smell the cat nip that I kept in there and she was trying to get at it.

I ended up breaking her of the habit by taping the freezer shut. Once she realized she couldn't open the door, she lost interest.
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Would have to say, that Milli loves hiding inside the blankets, she puts herself to
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Once Mai Sai was playing with his "mouse" and he threw his head back, did a backflip to get it and didn't quiet make it, he then fell on his side, he then hissed at the toy and dragged it to the water bowl
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This is a hard one! Maia has had so many funny moments, some caught on film! One of them is she loves bags, doesn't matter what size or what they are made of, she is in there! For example....

This is all her, every time a bag comes in to the home, she must inspect!
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how sweet!!!
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My kitty comes for walks with us, we could easily go for a half hour walk and he comes trotting along with us!! . He jumps in trees as if to attack and then he jumps and runs in front as though he is leading us, its soo funny!!!
He also loves shredding plastic bags, he seeks them out. Some nights I have woken up and heard loads of rustling and realised its Al, when he knows I am awake he stops as if to let me fall back to sleep again and then carries on!!! I have caught him at that a few times!!!
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Shadow's like Maia, she loves paper bags, especially KFC bags for some strange reason! ;-) She's also the kind of cat that you can do pretty much anything to, rub her toes, rub her nose etc. and she just soaks it up. I think most cats that'd drive them nutso! I think she's the most funniest when we poke fun at her!

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Fluffy was standing outside the door of the computer room last night as I was going in. I told her "No" and she stood up on her back feet, and threw up her paws like a boxer. It was soooooo cute!
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Flower's food used to be on the counter in the guest bathroom. She was too little to get onto the counter in one jump and would jump from the toilet to the counter. Well one day she followed me into the bathroom and before I had a chance to close the lid to the toilet Flower jumped up there. She nows check to make sure the lid is closed before jumping on the toilet (She got a bath after I found her latter that day)
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