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I lost my friend Fuzzy today. He was a stray that my husband and I were caring for. He had fe-luk and succumbed to it very quickly. The devastating thing is that he used to be someone's pet. We have a number of people who live in my area who get cats, get tired of them and dump them out. Fuzzy was one of these cats. Now, I don't know when he was exposed to the virus but the idea that he might still be alive, healthy and full of love if his former owners had been more thoughtful and caring breaks my heart. If you are thinking of getting a pet, please make it a lifetime commitment. Fuzzy's was far, far too short.
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I'd just like to throttle people who treat animals like they were disposable.
You're so right, when you take in a cat...or any's for life, not until it grows up or you get tired of it.

Rest In Peace , Fuzzy
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Rest in Peace Fuzzy. At least he had a good friend in you in his last days.
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So sorry about your cat.
There are so many jerks that get pets then do not take care of them.
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I'm so sorry about your cat. What a sad story! Rest in Peace Fuzzy.
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i'm so sorry. it is criminal how some people treat their pets. it is also criminal that they get away with it.

RIP precious fuzzy.
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Bless you for giving Fuzzy the love and comfort he needed here on this side of RB Bridge...He lost his previous home but gained a better one with you. Play happily over RB, dear Fuzzy
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Poor baby He's safe and well at the bridge now

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Rest in Peace Fuzzy, enjoy the time at the bridge.
At least he had someone that cared about him.
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It was a very good thing you did by taking him in and giving him the loving home he deserved from the start. shame on his former owners by treating him as if he was nothing! it INFURIATES me to no end when i hear a story like Fuzzy's. he was lucky to have found you Bless you for giving him a loving home, a place where he was comfortable, before he crossed the Bridge.

R.I.P. Fuzzy, play happily over the Rainbow Bridge.
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You are not forgotten Fuzzy.
Rest in peace dear one.
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Awww Rest in peace Fuzzy I'm so sorry
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