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What is YOUR least favorite Household Chore?

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I suck at ironing and it takes me foreveeerrrrrrrr.
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Bleaching the bath tub! I make Alex do that! LOL, my sensitive skin breaks out when I handle chemicals.
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but if I had to pick my least favorite...it'll be a tie between doing the dishes and changing the kitty litter!
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Vacuuming because I hate my stupid vacuum cleaner -- it is very heavy and hard to maneuver. My husband loves it, though.

I also hate carrying in groceries from my car. I was telling my husband the other day there needs to be some kind of invention to make kthat task easier.
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Picking up after other people!!!! My kids are great at other peoples house, but, they dump about 5 pounds of junk per hour, per room! LOL
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I have to say that since I joined the FlyLadies, there has been a complete reversal of how I feel about housework. My house is clean, I feel better and the website is totally amazing for me! Check it out-

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I hate to mop. Mop handles are generally too short, causing my back to hurt. I finally found one, with a longer handle but, it COULD be a tad bit longer.
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Are u VERY tall? I'm 5'9, much bigger than that?
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mopping like katl8e it makes my back hurt,not because I am tall I have a bad back!from mopping floors and my hands & knees,when I uas cleaning houses.I do not do that anymore!!!
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Actually, i don't mind vacuuming too much.. in fact, i vacuum everyday... Amy, would you consider a smaller cordless vacuum cleaner instead? That is what i use mostly. For pick up jobs around the kitty areas, i use a small hand vacuum (especially for that purpose.)

i am always cleaning.

i think i don't care too much for washing my car the MOST. i tend to go into details, and it takes me more than an hour just to wash my car!!

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I have to agree with Amy vacuuming stinks! my next one would be picking up after my s/o. I hate that. I'm not his mom!
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MEN CAN BE A MAJOR PAIN SOMETIMES,Ted whines when he runs out of clean socks ,well he he would just put the suckers in the hamper instead of droping them beside the bed ,he would have clean ones,like you said I am not his mom!
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Changing the kitty litter and scooping up dog poop
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I'm 5'6" but most mop handles are so short, that I can't stand up straight and mop. It gets me right in the lower back. As for doing it on hands an knees - I'd never be able to get up!

Actually, if I decided to sit on my butt and never do another lick of housework, Bill wouldn't say word - he'd just do the work himself. His attitude is, "I'd have to do it, whether you were here or not."
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My least favorite household chore is all of them. But I can say i dont mind the litter box as much as i do the dirty cat food dishes. I keep the house straitend out. every thing is in its place but grab a dust rag? Who me? Its funny how my moms house is just the same. I guess she just never taught me to dust.
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Laundry! Ahhh! I hate it!
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