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Cats and Babies

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It's been over a year since I've been on here!!! = ( So much has happened. Moved to Arizona for a new job and completed my first year teaching, now on to my 2nd year! This past April (April 1 to be exact!) I found out I was pregnant. I am currently 32 weeks along and just had some questions about cats and babies.

First off, my cat has always been a very affectionate cat but recently she seems a little more so than usual. Sometimes she lays on my belly and doesn't mind when the baby kicks haha

I have a bassinette set up for my daughter but when I did that my cat, Precious, thought it was her bed lol. I have since trained her not to go in there but I think she just did it out of curiousity. With the rest of the baby things (bouncer, car seat, boppy) she smelled them but usually leaves that stuff alone.

My question is, should I expect different behavior from my cat when the baby arrives? I'm trying to give my cat attention yet not too much so that she can get used to when the baby arrives. Also, I'm a little fearful Precious may jump in the bassinette again when the baby is in there. Do cats get jealous because there is a baby around?

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These questions come up from time to time on here and I've related my story a number of times but will do so again.

I had a Siamese (Susie) for 10 years and we were very close. Susie always sat on my lap whenever I sat down and that continued during my pregnancy with what lap I had left. When I brought our daughter home from the hospital I let Susie sit on my lap as usual whenever I was breastfeeding or holding our daughter. Susie tolerated other people and was not mean or nasty but definitely she was all mine. I believe she sensed that our daughter was important to me and therefore to her because she never once scratched or bit or hurt our daughter.

Our daughter's first word was not mom or dad - it was Seesuze (Susie).
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