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My Cat is a Hero!!!

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I posted recently about what a mess that Badger, my snowshoe Siamese, is with his little antics. I cut and pasted it below…

My new snowshoe Siamese, Badger, is a handful!! I've had a Siamese cat in the past but Badger is one of a kind. He likes to play under the faucet while it is barely running. He also has a new habit of digging everything out of my purse so he can climb inside and sleep.
He's very laid back and not afraid of anything. He rides on the vaccuum cleaner while I am vaccuuming and loves when I blast him with air with my hairdryer.
He still will shred rolls of paper towels and toilet paper when I forget to put them away but I don't even scold him because he's such a good kitty in so many other ways. I just tell my fiancee that the Chupacabre must have done it!!!

Well, this morning at 3:00 am, Badger was walking back and forth from my chest to my fiance’s chest. He was also nudging my chin with his head and meowing. I thought he was just being a kitten so I got up to put him out of the bedroom. When I stepped out into the hall, I smelled smoke. I woke up my fiancé and he immediately smelled smoke too. We put on our clothes to walk around our building to see if we saw any smoke or fire and we even went outside to see if we could see anything. We walked back into our apartment and the smoke was getting progressively worse.

I decided to call the fire department. They came and I got them to walk into my apartment to smell the smoke. They said it smelled like burnt food. They walked upstairs to the neighbor’s apartment and knocked on the door. He didn’t answer but his light was on so one of the firemen went to get an ax. They rang his doorbell a few more times and he finally answered.

Turns out, he passed out in his bed (probably intoxicated) while he had food cooking on his stove on high!

Badger is a hero for waking us up!
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Did he get tuna for that?
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Wow. He certainly is a hero. He deserves extra kitty treats at least.
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Way to go, Badger! You were so right to listen to him!

I depend on Daphne to let me know when something is wrong, as well. She is the night watchkitty around here
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wow! cats are so amazing; i can't believe i've heard of this TWICE now!!!

when my sister first got engaged, she was sleeping over at her fiance's house, and was awakened by their cat one night to find that the house was filled with smoke... his roommate had put a pot of spaghetti on the stove and passed out (he was drunk, as your neighbor was) and the noodles were starting to burn in the pot.

that is absolutely crazy, to hear almost an identical story from someone else five years later!!! hope badger got a nice little reward for that!
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Good boy, Badgerkittie!...Good boy! (i'm pretending i'm petting and praising!)

It DOES sound like Badger's a handful...full of personality and individualism, though!

Dogs AND cats can indeed be man's best friend!

I am still awed how social cats can be, in spite of the "aloof and unavailable" labels we place on them! They're wonderful little companions!

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Originally Posted by Zane's Pal View Post
Did he get tuna for that?
Yeah, a tuna fillet lightly grilled would be right on the money for that little hero!
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Maybe your local newspaper might be interested in this story!
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Bless you Badger!!!!! Your cat is a hero!!
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hurrayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy badger.............................
give him what he wants, maybe a plumb little mouse to play with?
ok ok ok.... no mice... how bout a goldfish?
and how about his own roll of tp
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