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Foamy, mucusy vomit

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Last night one of our cats spit up about a tablespoon or more of a foamy, mucus consistency vomit. This is maybe the 3rd time he's done this in the past few weeks. No food or fur at all in the vomit. Anyone ever experience this? It's not really uncommon for the cats to puke but this one was just odd. All 3 are free fed Nutro Max Cat roasted chicken. Thanks!
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Has he had his Kidneys checked.
Stormy did that once in awhile then one day I found her almost dead and we rushed her to the vet but she had to be pts the next day.
Her Kidneys were gone.
There are other things that can cause it also.
How old is the cat?
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He hasn't been to the vet in about a year and has never had his kidneys checked as far as I know. We made an appointment to take him this afternoon...hopefully it's just a cold or congestion or something. He's probably about 6 years old or so. Sorry to hear about Stormy
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Let me know how he is.
I have a sick cat right now with Kidney problems and have to go Weds with her.
We just found out wat she has when we went to er last week.
I do not want you to have to go through that.
I hope he will be ok.
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Best wishes its one time occurrence. My 13 year old senior here has done it two this week, a foamy white spot but she has been acting her usual self though.
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Well, the vet ran a battery of tests including blood tests and everything appears normal. Gave the cat some anti nausea meds just in case. She said to make sure he doesn't lose any weight quickly as this may point to a pancreas problem that they can't test easily for. Looks like all is well though
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That is great.
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I am really glad your vet at least mentioned pancreatitis. I have a kitty with this and it is NOT fun. It has been on and off for the last two years, but my previous vet didn't recognize it. Turns out my kitty also has a large gallstone, very uncommon in cats.

I have to take him tuesday to a specialist and a surgeon to determine if his gallbladder needs to be taken out, or if something else is causing the repeated attacks.

The only signs are vomitting, then off his food. I don't free feed so I notice it right away. Then we start the cyproheptatine, prednolisone and buphrenorphine. At first it would last just a couple of days, but now it has progressed to weeks. This current attack is going on day 10. I have a post here when he first got diagnosed, but I need to update it. I wanted to log about it for anyone in the future that may search the topic, as I can't find much about gallstones and pancreatitis in cats.

Hope your guy perks up really quickly and that this doesn't occur again!
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Thanks! The vet said to keep an eye on his weight, as the pancreatis will cause weight loss. He weighed 17 pounds last year (October) and is down to about 16.5 now but scale difference could probably account for some of that.
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Mine is down to 6.3lbs from once 11lbs. About eight white shiny foamy spots I found in the last week. They cant find anything wrong and I ran out of funds here now. I fear the end is coming soon for my cat.
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