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My boxer lab mix who was both mine and dad's dog died last night while I was at work. I came in and she wasn't barking and wasn't at the gate but I could see her and she wasn't moving. So I went and told dad that I thought she was dead. And then I ran out and I checked and she was. I am not sure what caused her to die. She was fine yesterday and there was no bite marks so her and Macy didn't get into it so I am not sure what happened. I got her back in 2003. And she was a year old when we adopted her. She was a good dog but not good around cats. She played too rough with them and then would get mad when they scratched her and would hurt them or kill them not meaning too. She had no idea that she was a nearly 80 pound dog she thought she was the same size as dad's chiuhauha. She was very sweet with people and loved her ears scratched and we will miss her very much.
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Oh how said. I am so very sorry.
Rest In Peace Lucky
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So sorry about your dog.
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I'm so sorry about your dog. Rest in Peace Lucky.
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hank you all so very much I appreciate the emails and I knew I could come here and you all would understand me missing my girl. What's making it worse is I amnot sure what made her die. She was fine yesterday and played right uptil the day she died. And when I told my sister that she had died all she could say was so she's old. She was only six years old but my sister thinks that is old for a dog and they will fall over any time. Even though we have had several large dogs live till their 20s.
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I know it must be difficult trying to figure it out, Gail. But the reality is it could have been many things. Somethng as simple as her heart just stopped. I will continue to keep you in my thoughts during this time
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I´m so sorry about it dear Gail....
My condolences......
RIP Lucky...
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Thank you all so much for your very kind words it is appreciated.
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Awww, I'm sorry about Lucky RIP sweet girl
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I am soo sorry for the loss of your dog
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that is so sad and so tragic that her death is unexplained. it seems her time on earth was destined to be short but also destined to be with you and your dad.

RIP lucky, my leo will look after you across the bridge.
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