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Daily Thread Monday Sept 29th

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Morning folkies

Welp Monday again Its supposed to be nice today so thats good...we are running and working out again after work today. Its GREAT having a workout buddy. Even better that its Josh

Not much else going on today though.

Have a great day everyone!
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Well its a much cooler day and tomorrow cooler yet. Rain supposedly coming later this morning which is much needed.

Have to dig up more potatoes and some carrots before work.

Have a good day!!
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Morning All!!!!

Rainy and cool here today, good day to be inside that's for sure.

I am off today, just hanging out around the house. Started a load of laundry, throw the makings for chicken vegetable soup in the crock pot. The cool weather has me craving soup.

Other then that I will most likely just putter at the computer and maybe read for a bit this afternoon.

The kitties have all piled back into bed to nap so I may join them in a bit as well...

Everyone have a great day
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Thanks for your kind wishes my friends!...
Good morning!...
BUt I have to say:
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Afternoon everyone!

I woke up this morning (and well really a few times during the night) to take care of Bailey (my sister's dog...aka my latest foster baby who ate a blanket and just had massive surgery) I went to Yoga class at 10:15 and just got home a little while ago. I'm fixing a quick lunch then i'm taking Bailey back to the vet for a little once over to make sure all is still going well so far. She's still in a lot of pain, so i'm just trying to keep her meds as steady as possible and make her comfortable.

This afternoon i'm going to pick my niece up after school so she can do her homework over here and see her dog (Bailey is really her dog).
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Good morning all!

It's been oddly not so cold here the last few days. Mornings are in the high 50s, low 60s, and days have been sunny and high 60s, low 70s! So that's been nice, and I hope today is, too!

As for me, I'm feeling really weird. I'm not sick, so I think it's my period. But it's early and really light, so my mind is playing games and telling me I'm pregnant! But I can't be, since I'm on my period. So go figure! But that's all that is on my mind at the moment, so I'm not doing so well at work today!

And, not much going on period. This is the "slow" time at work. It's never slow, but this is the slowest. We all had a good weekend, but not many plans today. May go out to dinner with a friend tonight, but I'm not holding my breath. But that's really it for the day!

Evie got some cuddles in this morning, but she only wanted a few minutes worth! I am always happy with anything she gives me. The boys are funny. Separate, they were both love starved. I'd go in there and they'd plaster themselves to me! But now that they are getting along so great (yay! ), they aren't so plastered to me! Still got a few baby-boy massages, though.

Everyone have a great day, despite it being Monday!
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Good morning!

Today is beautiful, sunny and cool, and it really feels like Autumn. I'm about to do my exercises and then put in a couple of hours writing my book. Later, I'll take a walk to the store to get some steaks for tonight and maybe throw some wash in the laundry.

I love usual days with no excitement.
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It's 11am and I've already been up for 7 hours It's a nice day today, a bit cool which is nice, but it makes me want to curl up in bed, and ignore my assignment which isn't a good idea since it's due today

Oh and the kitties are loving having us home! Smudgey has barely left our side, and has snuggled with me all night since we've been home, and is loving our jetlag - every time we wake up during the night, she jumps onto DH or my chest for a cuddle
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