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Kizzy gave birth

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This is a very sad day,when i woke this morning kizzy had had 2 kittens and both were dead.This was sometime before 7am.She seems content and as had a little to eat.I am surprised she only had 2 has she was quite big,i can't feel anymore kittens so i assume she is finished although she keeps licking her bits.Should i be concerned?
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If you can't feel anything in there then all should be fine Do get her a vet check and get some of the pills that will reduce the swelling of her nipples.
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My Meeko only had one and I lost him at age 5 last Jan.
Sorry the kittens were dead.
Maybe her labor was to long.
My Coco had 5 and the last two were dead.
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Aww, I"m so sorry.
Rest In Peace little sweethearts
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Aww, I am so sorry the little ones died.
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Thankyou,I feel so sad for her as she won't leave me and keeps meowing as though she is looking for them.Other than that she is doing well considering.
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I am so sorry for you. But I agree that she needs a vet check, in case there is something wrong with her that killed the kittens. And she will be given something to stop her milk production which could otherwise lead to mastitis. Will you have her spayed now?
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Hi,yes she is booked in to see vet just to make sure all is well,she hasn't had any milk come through and seems comfortable but best to be sure.She will be spayed as that was my intention before and still is and I wouldn't want her or myself to have to go through this trauma again.
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poor kitty, and kittens what a horrible time.

Hope she is alright. She may go through crying spells, searching for her babies, and depression for a while. Happy to hear you are doing the responsible thing by getting her spayed!
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