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I don't feel so good

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Last night I was little uncomfortable and today it keeps getting worse and worse... I have a UTI!!!! Last night I told dh I would much rather be sick then have snowwhite be sick, and today she is doing great and I'm not I'm still going to get her into the vet, just have to get dh to get some time off of work, I also might have to get myself into the doc if I can't flush this out on my own... THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!! I swear I drank over two gallons of water today
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Val check your PM's!
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Val - you know the saying - be careful what you wish for! I'm so sorry. You do need medication for a UTI or they likely come back. Many Docs recommend women drink cranberry juice daily, it helps create a PH environment that doesn't allow UTIs to develop.... but most neglect to say that FRUCTOSE offsets any benefit. So drink lots of cranberry juice - just make sure it has no fructose in it!!!!!
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If it's a uti, you need to drink pure cranberry juice that you can buy from a health store. Ocean Spray & the others are too diluted. Also, if you dont like the taste of pure cranberry, you can also buy the table form.
Good luck. I have had 3 in the past 3 months. I know what it's like to have, and they are a *itch to have. See if your dr. can prescribe the stuff that numbs your bladder, too. It works miracles, even though you pee kool-aid orange
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Val, I hope you feel better soon! I agree about the Cranberry juice or tablets! They work great for UTI's! Also, you can get AZO tablets at your local Wal-Mart or etc. They help a lot with the pain....but it really is best if you go to the Doctor. You'll need antibotics to get rid of the infection or you'll just be masking the infection with the other stuff you might be taking for the pain.
Good luck and hope you feel better soon!
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This is y I was talking about the cran-juice. It seems to do ok for me, thankgoodness. One time I had those pills everyone is talking about, I was so SCARED when I fisrt tinkled after taking one, my doc 'forgot' to tell me about the color and I thought I was bleeding.
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oh ya, Hope u feel better soon, I seem to be slow today.
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Speak of the devil. I'm going into the doctor tomorrow to see about a UTI or otherwize kidney problems myself!
I hope it's nothing bad. :/

I've read up on it a little, and it sounds like a pain, well whatever it is I have, it IS painful.

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Hope you feel better! I had one in the Fall and it was awful! Oddly, no Dr. figured out what it was, so I had to go to the ER cuz I thought I had appendicitis. They ran a test and got things straightened out, finally.

Take yourself to the Dr. ASAP, you'll need antibiotics.
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Oh! I hate those things! I haven't had one for awhile--knock on wood! Cranberry juice does help alleviate the burning and the feeling you have to pee every 5 seconds. You do need antibiotics to get rid of the infection, though. Hope you feel better soon.
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thank guys, hubby got me some cranberry juice...I don't mind the taste too much...moemoe keeps trying to drink it, he is an odd cat! I'm going to try to get to the doc tomorrow, have to see when they have night hours...I really really HATE taking antibotics because then I will get rid of the uti but get a yeast infection Men are so lucky!
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The same thing happens to me and I end up on cycles of drugs. I already take to much medicine!!!!!!1

Wieland attacks me for the cran-juice, he loves anything fruity.

Good luck!!!
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The one good thing about antibotics for UTI's are that they are usually not penicillins (they are the biggest ones that cause yeast infections). There are a couple of good antibotics that rarely cause yeast infections. One is Bactrim DS (it's a sulfa drug) and Flagyl (one down fall is that you can not consume ANY kind of alcohol during the course of treatment and upto 5 days after! It will make you EXTREMELY SICK!). Plus, if you are afraid of getting a yeast infection just ask the Doc if you could get a Yeast infection pill too. The newest and easiest kind is called Diflucan. You just take one pill and that's it. They are kind of pricey ($15 a pill with out an insurance)...but it's a lot easier and convienent than the creams.
Just thought I'd share that info with you in case if you didn't know!
Good luck Val...hope you start feeling better ASAP!
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Hope your OK Val Sam
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actually, I dont believe that about bactrum not causing a yeast infection ........ Any kind i have ever taken for UTI, has given me symptoms of a yeast infection. Back in February, I was given bactrum, and had to call my ob/gyn for diflucan.
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