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The planet of the cats.

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Listed above is an amazing link to a video of a property that cares for over 500 cats it's called " Cat House on the Kings". It is a no-kill and no cage shelter 4 hours north of Los Angeles.

Watch the Video and share what you think.
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a dream to come reality!..............
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That's absolutely amazing! Good for her for caring for them!
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Oh wow!!! Amazing! Why can't there be more places like this!
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I think this was posted already. Isn't it a wonderful place? Not only does the lady think like me about "free" cats, I like the shirt she is wearing.

So, with what I said and with my impression that the preference for having cats in US is that they be indoor only; if these cats in Cat House on the Kings are up for adoption, wouldn't be a bit mean to put them in homes that promote indoor only cats? No more trees to climb, wide spaces to run, napping out in the open...
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^ I don't believe cats should be indoor only, honestly. I just don't believe that most people are willing to spend several hundred dollars in making sure they have a very secure enclosure or fence to keep their cats out of trouble... add to it that no one else seems to vet their cats or drive carefully.

I see so many dead kitties driving to and through town. Ran over kittens always get to me the worst.
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that is amazing...i have 10 acres... i should do that........ thats cool though
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