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Constantly going on the floor...

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Luna has occassionaly gone to the bathroom on the floor in the same spots each time. I have tried odor removers to try and get them out. We recently redid most of our floors to hard wood and she went again in the same spots. This caused the wood to be destroyed where she peed and it is frustrating!

She is the bully so no one is bullying her while in the litter box, if she even uses it. She was going almost every day sometimes twice a day once we changed the floors. I tried pee pads, odor removers, cat attract, etc. Nothing worked.

I finally took her to the vet and she had full blood work ordered. She is in perfect health! Why does she keep going on the floor?? The vet gave her medication and I agreed to try it because I couldn't do this much longer.

Since being on the medication she hasn't peed anywhere that I have found, but I still find fecal! Why does she continue to go on the floor? I am at a loss and so is my vet.
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Probably because there is something about the litter box she doesn't like. I've been having this problem with my male cat, Wingnut and after trying various things, determined it was a size problem with the box. If they can't get into the right "position", well...they'll go find someplace where they can (like, on the floor right next to the box).

If it's a covered box, take the cover off. If you have room to put in a larger box, get one.
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How many cats to litterboxes do you have? I used to have one box to the one cat but when I came home from work he was practically crossing his legs as he refused to go until it had been emptied, bless him. I would wonder why he would be running around meowing and then as soon as I cleaned the box he was in it doing his business. I wonder if yours are the same? Mine now has two boxes to the one kitty.
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You mentioned she is the bully, how many kitties are there? What do you mean by "The bully"? If multiple kitty or pet home or not?
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i agree, it is probably a litter box issue, not big enough, clean enough, covered/uncovered, etc. cats are so picky! you will find a sloution eventually
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