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Mounting behaviour

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My cat is 1 year old, and can't be neutered, according to his vet, because of his heart problems, but because he's not neutered he gets aroused quite often. I'm not sure what's setting him off (other than maybe just hormones?) as my females are spayed, but he tries to mount everything he can to mate with it. His 'brother' is 4 months old, also unneutered (but very soon will be). Is there anything I can do to help him? He looks so uncomfortable and he can't even sit down when he's like that. Has anyone else had this problem?
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Intact males really don't care if the girls are spayed, they want to mate and that's the only thing on their mind.

I would get a second opinion about his ability to be neutered, as soon he'll start to spray and will be very unpleasant to have indoors (which is why breeders keep their boys in stud houses outdoors)
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I agree with a 2nd opinion. If the heart problems are not very severe, they can monitor and do other special things to be neutered. Its not major surgery (like a female). He only needs to be knocked out for a very short time.

He's more at risk for cancer and he will spray and be miserable if not neutered.

I will tell you that many farms will do their own neutering on male cats and none of them are knocked out. I know a farmer that does this and none of their males have a problem healing.
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Thank you both. I was thinking that maybe I should just get a second opinion, but he's also cryptorchid. When he was younger we were getting him neutered and one testicle had descended and the other hadn't. They got the one that was down but they've never been able to feel it in his abdomen so I was always under the impression it would be a bigger surgery because they'd have to dig around to find it. Luckily we just got a fancy new vet clinic here (Utah Pet Center if you've heard of it), so I'll take him there for a checkup and consultation.
I've always been a big advocate for spaying and neutering because I've seen the problems it can cause and frankly I don't want to risk my cats getting cancer or creating more cats that may not get homes.
Again, thank you both for your advice!!! ^_^
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The undecended testicle really does pose more of a risk for the cancer. Hope a new vet will be able to take care of things.
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I agree to get a 2nd opinion.....some vets have different approaches. One vet here won't spay/neuter if they have a heart murmur of any level, while another simply monitors them more closely & takes extreme precautionary measures.
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I have to second (or is it third?) the other's advice; get a second or even a third opinion. In days gone by, we didn't get our males neutered when they were young because we just didn't have the money. The two of them that were about 18 months when they had the surgery had started spraying, and they didn't stop even after the neutering. That's definitely something you want to avoid.
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